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» Jasper Sath, [x] human || male
Name: Prince Jasper Sath

Gender: Male

Species: Half-elf

Sexuality: Bisexual

Age: 20


Tall, green-eyed, blonde, and light-skinned, even after hours in the sun, Jasper seems to embody the physical qualities of the Fair Folk. He carries himself with the easy grace of a fighter and has an arrogant confidence in his body, performing risky acts like walking the rails of battlements or jumping a horse over a foaming river with no hesitation for the consequence of failure. Slender and lean, he favours grace and subtlety, preferring the tactics of swordfighting or archery to the terrible brute power of his father.

Fighting style is not the only way in which they differ. Though the ghost of his father's humanity can be seen in Jasper more and more as he ages, he rejects their similarity - more so since Lyonel's capitulation to Nina. Where the king wears traditional clothes of white and gold, Jasper spitefully chooses black, silver, or violet - somber, mournful colors, a sharp reminder of his mother's death some years before. He wears his hair long, often charming court women into braiding flowers into it, and carries the a slung quiver of crossbow bolts - a "coward's weapon" - on his hip. A beautiful wooden flute, no longer than a finger and bound to a chain of fine silver, lies around his throat; a gift from his elven uncle and perhaps the most painful item his father can witness him wearing since the Rynorel province withdrew its support from the human cities. He will never, however, stoop to playing it in the king's presence.


At twenty, son of an aging man and the crown prince of a fractured land, Jasper is no fool; he knows he will inherit Jes're'en, and with it all of the problems that have wearied his father's warrior soul. A rebellious spirit rides inside him, however; he does not believe in Lyonel's conservative plotting, aligning himself with Nina out of the hope of sparing his cities but also permitting monsters to move freely throughout. In Jasper burns a fierce desire for unity, similar to Lyonel's youth, but he believes it will be brought about through bravery and defiance. Nina, to Jasper, is detestable; the exiling and hunting of dragons is sour on the tongue of a prince who regularly sneaks off to Arrowhead, drawing the reluctant youth Ardyn into his adventures. The longer Nina plays puppet with his father, the riskier Jasper gets, desperate to alleviate the fury in his soul without openly opposing his father and promoting a coup.

And yet much of this is buried. Openly, Jasper presents a front of arrogance and amusement. He pursues pleasure with lazy certainty he will receive it, spends money freely, tests his men with acts of bravery (or stupidity - you decide), and dodges commitment of any kind. There is no elven princess to engage him to; there is no royal progress safe enough for Lyonel to accompany and force him to learn the nuances of running a kingdom. To his men, Jasper is wild, the young Black Lion to his father's pale diplomacy.


Being half-elven, Jasper is slightly stronger, faster, and a quicker learner than the average human. Amazingly, he has never broken a bone; since childhood, he has pushed himself to understand the absolute limits of his body, and thus experiences little to no fear when he judges a particular action to be within his abilities. This utter faith in himself translates to a skill with swordsmanship and archery that often intimidates others with its sheer confidence, though he is not immune to being bested.

Reiatsu is trickier. Jasper enjoys playing with it, but will only practice with Ardyn; he refuses to allow anyone else witness the mistakes and failures. When he does demonstrate it around strangers, it is nearly always to enhance some sort of deception; a dark red spark to distract an opponent during a spar, a crackling rose blooming in the hands of an interested young woman.

He is a skilled rider, and has a touch with animals that is the envy of many. His pride, a brindle gelding christened Bo, stands at sixteen hands and reflects the reckless energy of his master. Dogs warm to him easily, and his favorite falcon, a female called Ygry, has never once needed to be baited into returning to his arm.

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