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» Aerro, [x] dwarf || female
Name: Aerro

Gender: Female

Species: Dwarf

Appearance: Aerro doesn’t look like the typical dwarf. Her black hair is cropped into a chin length bob and contrasts with her pale skin. She stands at around three and a half feet tall, with a stocky, somewhat curved build. Her face is oval, with keen dark blue eyes and a bent nose with a slight crease between the start of the tip and the bridge. Her left nostril is pierced with a thick silver hoop, and her ears are similarly pierced through the helix.

Clothing wise, she prefers thick fabric and shades of brown and dark grey. Often she wears well-oiled leather body armor with a long dark brown leather long coat over. She has two large daggers sheathed at the hip, and a few smaller utility knives shoved into pockets sewn into her coat.

Aerro knows the bare basics of working a forge, though it’d be difficult getting her to do so. She’s physically strong and sturdy, though also unusually graceful for someone of her build. She uses her short height to her advantage, and is able to weave and dodge until she finds an opening to strike. Dual daggers are her preferred fighting style.

Pickpocketing, breaking and entering, and burglary were her main means of making a living growing up. Hiding and moving silently came with that.

She’s also a skilled taster of fine wine.

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