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» Phantasm, [x] dragon; Heartwoodian Black || male
Name: Phantasm

Gender: Male

Age: 127

Species: Heartwoodian Black

Phantasm is 7 feet at the shoulder, with a build that sacrifices bulk for grace. His tail is almost disproportionately long, and serves as his most obvious weapon. The tip of the tail itself is bladed, with two razor sharp edges on either side horizontally. He is covered in a mix of dark grey and black scales that are arranged in a distinctive crossband pattern, with a lighter belly. His wings are somewhat “elliptical” in shape, and grant him great maneuverability.

His snout is long and his head sports two pairs of horns that curve back, the lower pair more so than the upper. His spines are separated into groupings of three, with the middle spine being longer than the other two in the group. Glowing red venom drops from his fangs when he’s agitated.

Phantasm is very skilled at maneuvering his body in order to dodge an attack and counter with his own. In flight, he can change direction quickly, though isn’t able to reach the speeds of dragons with more pointed wings.

As most Heartwoodian Blacks, he produces deadly venom from his fangs as well as his tail, though his body tends to make more than he needs. His jaws often drip venom when he is angry, and even sometimes when he’s simply agitated. He has to take great care so that his “problem” doesn’t inadvertently harm others. Luckily he’s learned to keep most of it from getting out of control with a mixture of licking and inhaling sharply.

With his tail being as long as it, he is able to whip it about to hit enemies he normally wouldn’t be able to reach.

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