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» Lyonel "Lionheart" Sath, [x] human || male
Name: Lyonel "Lionheart" Sath

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Age:: 67


Once a broad-shouldered, muscular man, King Lyonel has faded into a shadow of himself. His hair grows in a thick mane of white; a silver beard and pale, rheumatic eyes speak to his age. Yet he is still an imposing figure and refuses the aid of a cane or squire when conducting business in his kingdom. A circlet of simple steel sits around his head, and he is typically dressed in the white and gold robes of royalty, a custom taken from the Rynorel province of elves. Drawn to full height, he towers over most human men at six and a half feet tall; he is an accomplished rider and bears the scars and hints of athleticism common to swordfighters.


Despite his age, Lyonel knows his way around the battlefield. His favoured weapon, a silver halberd, sits above his throne in the Council Room of Cadoc; he frequently joins the master of arms during the training of knights, providing advice, or, on rare occasions, a sparring opportunity. He is a respected teacher and enjoys the trust of his men.

Magically, he bore little aptitude for spells until his marriage to Lady Eiriel, sister to Sheluif. Through his wife's patient instruction, he learned how to manifest and tame the crackling blue energy of his soul. When she passed, he lost all desire to continue using it, and the shade of its power now emerges only in times of severe temper.


The line of failed kings in Jes're'en numbers many. Lyonel's father, Leone, was a hard man who took his son from Cadoc as soon as he was able to ride a horse, determined to teach his son the importance of defending Jes're'en from the shriekan of Gorganoth; to Leone, there was no greater stain in Millirand than the desert devils, and it was his dying wish that his son continue in his place, seeking to eliminate the creatures from his shores.

But Lyonel had different ideas. Sensing a deeper fracture in the kingdom than the threat from the desert, Lyonel visited as many of the cities as he could, seeking to win them over to his vision of unity. Many an idealistic boy joined Lyonel's ranks; his natural strength and charisma brought hope to a people who had long grown suspicious and frightened of one another. Forgoing the support of Arrowhead on an intuition that the dragons would not recognize a human, Lyonel turned instead to the elves, proposing a marriage that would align the two races rather than force one to bend the knee. Thus, Lyonel's bride, Lady Eiriel, was confirmed. Though political, it quickly became a loving relationship, and Jes're'en knew an uncommon joy when a son was born.

But Lyonel's reign was not to be golden for much longer. As the wars from Felnova spilled into Millirand, Jes're'en began to suffer once more, and old tensions returned. When Eiriel died from illness, the elves withdrew all but completely, hearing Lyonel's calls but pretending deafness. Then, when the Faction came through, Lyonel's pride was broken completely; seeing no other way to keep Jes're'en from breaking into city states, Lyonel reluctantly agreed to ally with the Priestess.

He still holds a faith in his kingdom, however, and subverts Nina's orders wherever he can; Arrowhead, the bastion of Millirand dragons, has been oddly protected by his machinations, and although his men have been forced to withdraw from their desert border, he spreads them among the cities, training the youth in the ways of war. Lyonel knows that his warrior days are over, but he hopes that in his son, they will return, and Jes're'en will be strong.

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