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» Zayna, [x] felris || female
 Posted: Jul 13 2017, 10:09 PM
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Art belongs to me! Ref from SailorSenshi on deviantArt. I need to update the art.

Name: Zaynala "Zayna" Moahni

Gender: Female

Age: 29

Species: Werecat; Felris

Appearance: See above picture

  • Claws. She can use her claws as natural weapons in unarmed strikes.
  • Dark Vision. Her vision is as good in dim light as a cat's. She cannot detect color in darkness.
  • Stealth. She can attempt to conceal herself from enemies, slink past guards, slip away without being noticed, or sneak up on someone without being seen or heard.
  • Sleight of Hand. She can preform acts of trickery, such as planting something on someone else or concealing an object on her person.
  • Deception. She can convincingly hide the truth, either verbally or through her actions. This deception can encompass everything from misleading others through ambiguity to telling outright lies. Typical situations include trying to fast-talk a guard, con a merchant, earn money through gambling, pass herself off in a disguise, dull someone’s suspicions with false assurances, or maintain a straight face while telling a blatant lie.
Zayna finds rules to be absurd and unnecessary and treats them more like guidelines. She will abide by the laws only if they line up with her goals, but will break them as soon as she deems it necessary. Zayna has a very bohemian worldview; she believes that life is short and should be enjoyed to its fullest. She's bold and daring but fully capable of manipulating things from behind the scenes. Zayna delights in violence, however she does not go out of her way to cause it. She would much rather talk her way out of a tricky situation first and backstab later. Zayna only resorts to violence when she knows she can get the drop on someone. She's incredibly resourceful and ambitious, capable of doing almost anything to get what she wants. She's also fiercely loyal but only to a select few. She's generous to those she believes deserves it such as fellow Felris, beggars, or orphaned children. Zayna has a soft side that she shows to very few.

Zayna came from modest beginnings. She and her family were always on the move finding work wherever they could in Vystriana. The jobs didn't always pay well so they tended to go hungry often but they didn't mind so much as long as they had each other's company. Zayna who was the pride of her parents grew up in a loving environment. The origin of her skill set came from her parents' routine lessons where Zayna flourished.

She grew up with a fascination for insects. She would often capture them and keep them for a while to do what could be considered hands on studies for a child. Unfortunately one day on her hunt for new specimens she encountered a group of bandits who happened to be scouting the area for easy targets. When they saw Zayna they decided that the addition of a child to their group would be beneficial and they kidnapped her.

Over the years she acted as a decoy for the group of bandits. They would use her as a distraction or even bait to lure people in so they could rob them. They would often have her go up to targets and play up being a lost child in need of help to make the target feel distracted or at ease. As Zayna grew up, she began to form an attachment to her 'adoptive' family. She still felt conflicted over the loss of her old family. However her old family had been law-abiding people who suffered in poverty for it regularly and she had learned so much from her new one.

They eventually began teaching her their ways, training her in the art of thievery and thuggery. They eventually brought her out on raids when they deemed she was ready enough. Eventually she was considered a fully-fledged member of their team. However her desire to find out what happened to her parents was cause for a lot of tension between Zayna and her new family. This culminated in a fight which lead to Zayna sneaking off in the middle of the night, taking nothing but what she needed. She now wanders the lands acting as a mercenary/thief while looking for any leads on her family.
 Posted: Jul 14 2017, 04:40 AM
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