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» Ket, [x] saurian || female
Name: Ket

Age: 7 years

Gender: Female

Race: Saurian

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: A small raptor-saurian, Ket stands barely as tall as an elf's knee. Her scaly hide is a bronze color, and bright blue feathers adorn the top of her head, her elbows, her rump and hips, and the tip of her tail. Two long, sharp claws sprout from her innermost toes. Her eyes are a gleaming amber shade, and are typically lit with curiosity.

Personality: Ket is an inquisitive individual, constantly seeking to figure out how things work. While she is generally lacking in any aggression towards people, she is fiercely loyal to her friends, to the point where she will attack creatures far larger than herself if they prove to be threats to her friends. She has a rather quirky sense of humor.

Skills/Abilities: Very quick and nimble, Ket's agility is nearly unrivaled, and her reflexes unmatched. Her teeth and claws are very sharp, and can inflict nasty wounds despite her small size. She possesses potent magical abilities with air and lightning magics, and some resistance against them.

Weaknesses/Flaws: her small size means she can't take much physical punishment without suffering serious injury. Her magical skills are still somewhat undeveloped. Particularly her lightning magic. Aside from her resistance to air and lightning magic, her defenses against magical abilities is next to non-existent.
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