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» Gerloff, [x] xeriin/troll || male
Name: Gerloff

Age: 82

Gender: Male

Race: Xeriin/Troll

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: A towering, furry humanoid with long, muscular arms that reach his knees, standing roughly twice the height of the average human or elf. Strong jaws house sharp fangs, and mobile, pointed ears adorn his head. Surprisingly thoughtful brown eyes gaze from under a thick brow ridge. He tends to wear plain, comfortable trousers and vest, over which he dons a thick breastplate too heavy for most humanoids to lift, let alone wear. He wields a massive greatsword longer than most humanoids are tall.

Personality: Generally laid-back and jovial when he's not working, in which case he tends to be quite industrious, using his great strength to get whatever works needs to be done finished quickly. However, he is an unforgiving foe towards those who have managed to provoke his ire, unwilling to even consider accepting allowing them to surrender.

Skills/Abilities: His physical strength is enormous, and his agility surprising for a man his size. He can easily support his entire body weight while hanging by one arm. His trollish heritage grants him enormous resilience, as any wound that doesn't kill him will heal completely at a greatly accelerated rate. His xeriin heritage has given him great senses of sight, hearing, and smell.

Weaknesses/Flaws: He has no magic whatsoever, relying instead on sheer physical might and skill with weaponry. His great size makes it hard for him to fit in some places, or not break something just be sitting or leaning on it. His bloodlust can get in the way of his better judgment on occasion, particularly when facing anybody he's sworn to kill.
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