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 Ostanes, [x] xeriin || male
Name: Ostanes

Age: Looks to be well into his seventh or eighth century of life.

Gender: Male

Race: Forest-Kin Xeriin

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: A tall, aged goat-xeriin with large horns growing from atop his head. These horns circle around and down past his shoulders, ending in sharp points farther forward from his body than the ends of his feet. His ears are long and slightly pointed, much like those of a goat, and long white hair hangs below his shoulders, often gathered together in a loose tail. A long white beard graces his face, halfway down his chest. Dark grey eyebrows rise above his amber eyes. He tends to wear simple but well-tailored clothing, and sports a pair of half-moon spectacles.

Personality: Ostanes rarely ever displays much emotion beyond a faintly-amused expression. Calm, calculating, and level-headed, he caries himself like a man with secrets nobody else could understand. But around those who have managed to get to know him better, he is generally warm and open, but still acts like a man with secrets.

Skills/Abilities: He is a highly skilled alchemist, capable of altering materials and brewing various concoctions to suit his needs and desires. While he does use a script in his alchemical work, it is of an unknown type, not the more common kv'naer, although he can perform some more simple tasks without any script whatsoever.

He often carries a stout walking stick, with which he can defend himself quite skillfully if needed, using a very fluid style to deflect blows and unbalance his foes. Adding to this, he can unleash unexpectedly blunt and aggressive headbutts and kicks. The foremost part of his skull is abnormally tough, allowing him to deliver surprisingly strong blows without being fazed.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Aside from his alchemy, he lacks any magic whatsoever. He is also somewhat slow to fully trust others. This can leave him largely on his own, since he has long since left Xaeri behind. He also possesses a general distrust of powerful kings and queens, which can place him at odds with them.
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