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 If'rae, [x] famine demon || female
Name: If'rae

Species: N'vaen Demon {Famine}

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown.



Unaffected by Trigger or arcane disguises, If'rae resembles a young woman around twenty years of age - albeit a woman with butterfly wings sprouting from her shoulders. Slender and lightweight, she tops out at five and half feet tall; though If'rae can appear downright pixie-ish compared to her taller, more robust relations, the demoness possesses an odd lethality around her person that can automatically set weaker beings on the defensive. She is rarely aware of this effect, having been raised among other N'vaen, and so tends to ascribe this reaction to her diminutive appearance rather than her latent spiritual energy.

There are, of course, other features that set If'rae apart from a common mortal. The long silky black hair that falls to her waist is streaked naturally with orange, a thick forelock of which she is always pushing back behind her ear. She moves with feline grace; her reflexes are so quick that she often reacts without being aware of the offending motion, making the dance of battle as innate as breathing to her. Her wings resemble that of a monarch butterfly's, can be summoned or hidden at will, and their violent slashes of orange shimmer with a fiery incandescence. Fire is her element; her skin, dusted with gold, is always feverish to the touch, and in moments of temper the air around her becomes visibly disturbed by waves of heat shed from her reiatsu. Her eyes, like her brother's, are bicolored, though in reverse - his blue left, orange right, hers blue right, orange left.


If'rae has only Triggered once before, and remembers little of the experience - though at the time, the exhilaration of accessing her full power was nothing short of ecstasy. Her body shifts to that of a black-furred sphinx, her wings swelling in size until they tear, and twin antennae supernaturally sensitive to temperature and pressure unfurl from her head like a golden crown. Both are tipped in an ever-burning flame. The delicate human flesh of her upper body is quickly encased in metallic scale armour, finishing with a flat disclike mask that covers all of her face except her burning, bicolored eyes.


With such an affinity for fire, it goes without saying that If'rae has a short fuse. As a child, her rage was so uncontrollable that she would often destroy indiscriminately until she was either exhausted or physically restrained; but as she aged, her brother became an anchor, steadying her through the instability of the Demon Wars aftermath and into the strange uncertainty of Nina's insidious rule. She is fiercely proud of her heritage and has viciously burned more than one tactless demon for insinuating weakness in her noble family, though the casualties of time and warfare have reduced its membership to her, her sibling, and a handful of distant relatives. Beneath the fury, If'rae is terrified of being alone, and often has nightmares of losing her few remaining supports to the darkness of the Void.

Between the extremes of passion and fright, however, are small things that illuminate If'rae's tireless fascination with life. Raised beneath the worship of Zailen, If'rae is always playing wtih her reiatsu, shifting it, molding it, breaking pieces of it off into semi-living incarnations of what she calls "hellflies." Strongly reminiscent of black butterflies that leave an odd, lingering afterimage in red, If'rae's hellflies are infused with bits of her personality, such that one may be perpetually drawn to dozing by a blazing hearthside while another delights in setting off myriad fires in the garden. Nothing brings out her laughter faster than the adventures of her little creations, as shortlived as they may be, and she is as capable of warming a room for pleasant company as she is blistering it with temper. Often her hellflies act as an early warning system to her mood - though one would be wise to avoid contact with any of them on particularly explosive mornings.


If'rae is not especially skilled in any particular type of physical combat, though she often carries a dagger on her person - for safety reasons, of course. When pressured into a physical fight, she relies heavily on her instinctive reflexes to stay out of harm's way, and tends toward a kill-with-a-thousand-cuts style of attack that often drives her opponents to frustration if not climactic defeat.

Rather, If'rae's true strength lies in manipulating fire. Where other N'vaen are typically skilled in multiple elements, If'rae's affinity is highly specialized, leaving her more or less amateurish in other sorcery but exceptionally powerful with flame. She is capable of igniting flammable materials on a whim, imbuing her body with fire that does not harm her own flesh, and generating dangerously high levels of heat to any creature not inherently born resistant. In the height of temper, she can even set fire to stone or metal, rapidly melting the raw materials down to a useless sludge if left unchecked. In her Triggered form, If'rae's strength grows even stronger, making the air around her form so unnaturally hot that a touch from her claws can reduce skin and bone to ash. However, if If'rae unleashes too much of her energy, she can fall into a deadly chill, far below that which is tolerable even to a Famine demon of noble blood.

Her hellflies can also be used as weapons. Structured as independent shreds of her reiatsu, more or less, If'rae's pets can gather into a deadly flock of explosive energy, or travel for a short distance and ignite fires outside of the immediate battle range. She has often used them to blind opponents when outnumbered, sending them reeling in pain while she dispatches them at her leisure.

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