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 Lylith, Female. Shar. Crazypants
Username: euphoneus

Name: Lylith
Gender: Female
Race: Shar
Age: Young Adult, like early 20s/late teens

Appearance: Lylith, for all her stealthy ways, is easily recognizable. Her fire red hair is often tied into a thick plait that starts at her hairline and ends at her hips. To remain sufficiently edgy, she has shaved the sides of her head around the braid. For all intents and purposes she appears elven. The eyes of course give her away, boasting the twin black slits in each eye. She differs from most Shar however, bearing light cerulean eyes over the more catlike eyes of her peers. Between her unusual hairstyle and her striking eyes, it’s not hard to pick her out a crowd- provided she lets you.
As far as clothing, Lylith doesn’t like to be caught unarmoured. It’s bad luck. Because of this she opts for to be covered head to toe in leather armour that fits tight to the contours of her slender body. On top of this she will also often wrap herself in a heavy layered cloak that boasts a rather impressively large hood. She prefers muted colours; browns, greys, the odd navy blue may sneak into her wardrobe, you’ll never see the typical white and light colours that most Shar wear.

Abilities: Lylith has been trained all manner of short bladed weapons. That being said, she prefers to use either the kukri strapped to her side or the kunai she has hidden up her sleeves- and pretty much everywhere else as well. While her she is a very capable warrior, her martial skills pale in comparison to the magic she holds.
Shars take control of an emotion, and while Lylith has not had much time to be formally trained in how to control her powers, she can make a truly horrifying display. Lylith controls the fear of her victims. She can paralyze you with fear with a single touch, drive you to commit atrocities you could not imagine, or even die. She poses an incredible amount of strength, one that scared many of the senior Shars, but her lack of training means she cannot always fully harness that power. At times she loses control, her power overtakes her victim more than she had planned for and she cannot stop herself. Her victims don’t often live through it to tell the tale.

Personality: Lylith is hardly a stable individual. The resentment of the other Shars her age, and the judgement of those her senior has left her with a bitter taste in her mouth. She is guarded, haughty, and quick to anger. She may not be the most approachable person around, but that’s never been her intent.

Backstory: Raised in a cloister of other young Shar girls and a few elder matrons, Lylith excelled in lessons on martial combat and alchemy. She did not however enjoy the incessant lessons on history, law, and manners regarding diplomacy. She earned for the excitement of combat and the thrill of unleashing her power.
She proved to be incredible powerful, something that others quickly took notice of. Her peers were envious of her skill. They were still children though, and as children are, they were not nice about it. They shunned her from all their little cliques and refused to engage with her. The matrons, at first scolded her for not having better control over her power, and being too quick to use it. They soon grew afraid of her when they realised the potential harm she could unleash.
One day the pestering of her peers got to be too much. She reached out to the other girl and gripped her by the neck, staring her in the eyes. Her anger got the best of her and she could no longer hold back the power inside her. She could feel the girl’s pulse quicken under the pressure of her fingers; the quickening of her breath, the sweat that began to pour from her brow. The cries and pleas of the other girls around her were drowned out by the ecstasy of unleashing her raw power. The girl’s pupils dilated rapidly. Lylith laughed and released her grip, the girl dropped to knees and gasped for air. The hot sensation of dark energy coursing threw Lylith’s veins removed all sense from her head. Die, she thought. And die she did.
In a hushed meeting behind closed doors the matrons decided that Lylith was too powerful for them to help. She needed to die. But by the time they got to her room to retrieve her she had left. She was smart enough to know what would happen to her if she stayed.
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