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» Myriil, [x] elfin-avian || male
Name: Myriil

Species: Elf-Avian Hybrid (Drow)

Gender: Male

Age: Thirty, but appears closer to nineteen.


At 6'5 feet, Myriil is tall, and almost intimidatingly so; he has none of the lankiness associated with his height, blessed as he is with a full, athletic body that carries just the slightest hint of a lethal grace. Descended from a Drow mother and an Avian father, he has skin that is naturally darker than average, and white hair - uncut since birth - that falls past his shoulders to mid-back. White wings sprout from his shoulders, thickly plumed and dotted with black spots not unlike those of a snowy owl.

His features are fine, almost princely, and his unusual eyes - dark blue with trace amounts of red - have entranced more than one woman's romantic soul. More often than he would like to admit, his good looks have saved him the displeasure usually directed at half-elves or other interbred races. Because of this usefulness, Myriil can come off a touch vain, and tends to dress self-consciously in embroidered, form-fitting leathers with clever slits for his wings. The elf-avian's weapon of choice is a pair of blades custom-fit to black metal gauntlets, a foot wide and curved in great arcs from wrist to elbow. Each blade is richly engraved with runes that will blaze with fire at the whisper of a word.


Myriil is, for all intents and purposes, a good man; he helps others freely, either in combat or in the aftermath, is kind to children or weakened animals, and prefers the right path over the wrong. Yet his experience of "good" is nuanced. Having been raised an orphan among others, the concept of loyalty amuses him - he sees it as a tool wielded by a skilled leader rather than an honored virtue - and he holds other values like love, courage, and duty in the same regard. Life to Myriil is an open chase of the bad guy, and the definition of "bad" is one he trusts only himself to know.

To those on the good side, he is sarcastic, self-confident to the point of arrogance, and not above flirting when the mood strikes him. Myriil is a natural leader, and will often act aggressively toward those he sees usurping his preferred position. In some cases, he will abandon a group altogether before he can be viewed in a negative light, preferring to preserve his dignity from afar.


Aside from the purely physical characteristics of flying or elfin reflexes, Myriil is skilled in a type of reiatsu called "firefighting" in combat circles. This enchanted flame cannot burn his own body, but is as potent as any other flame to the enemy, and can be "bound" to objects like the armour-blades Myriil favours in battle. During especially violent conflict, Myriil can ignite the ground in a certain radius, forcing the enemy to retreat or risk injury.

The blades that Myriil wears were initially chosen out of a massive frustration with swords. Unable to gain the speed and precision of his sparring partners, many of whom were fullblooded elves, Myriil developed the gauntlets and their scythelike edges. By training himself to use the blades in an incredibly short range to his body, he was able to get inside most swordsmen's guards, sometimes disabling his opponent altogether with his forearm deflections. The arm-scythes made it easier to fight aloft, as well, and Myriil's favourite techniques quickly became a combination of air/ground strikes that can overwhelm an inexperienced enemy quickly.

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