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» Tencendur, [x] sarka || male
Name: Tencendur

Age: 9,000 Years

Gender: Male

Race: Sarka

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Like all his kind, Tencendur closely resembles a western dragon in overall shape. However, his head is more narrow, his body more lithe, and his tail is long and slender, ending in a wickedly sharp barb. He is considerably larger than average for his kind. His pupil-less eyes shift color according to his emotions, and long, wickedly sharp fangs line his powerful jaws. Massive claws capable of rending most metals adorn the ends of his paws. His black scales have a very faint glimmer to them, unlike other sarka, and ornate, pure white markings adorn his neck, shoulders, flanks, and hips.

Personality: Tencendur has turned his back upon the largely instinct-driven, murderous ways of his kind, focusing his violent tendencies and bloodlust towards a more constructive enterprise. Fearless and cunning in battle. Strong-willed, and a bit curt, especially towards strangers or people he feels are fools. One of the biggest factors that define his personality, and very existence, is his unwavering devotion to Leartes.

Skills/Abilities: Like all of his king, his wing-bones are nearly unbreakable, and his screech is lethal. He is old enough to phase into a deadly shadow capable of severely harming anyone caught in it. The venom in his tail is highly deadly to anyone, not just to dragons, and tends to burn people from the inside out. His strength, speed, and reflexes allow him to out-fly, outmaneuver, and overpower even opponents several times his size, thanks to the Mark placed upon him by Leartes. He can also summon gleaming shields that nullify magic.

Weaknesses/Flaws: He lacks any offensive magics, and his species and instincts make interacting with others a difficulty. His dedication to his personal code won't allow him to voluntarily retreat from a fight, even when doing so would be the wiser choice than staying and fighting.

History: One of the first sarka hatched on Felnova, Tencendur spent many centuries hunting dragons and any other creatures who happened to cross his path. For a long while, he was content with this life. However, as time passed, his belief in sarka superiority began to waver as he began to question why his species had never accomplished anything lasting.

Inspired by the knights of Vystriana, he gathered a group of like-minded members of typically violent species and waged a personal war against brigands, rogue sarka, and the like, picking up a zealous if misplaced devotion to Leartes along the way. One night he received a visitation from Leartes himself, who bestowed a Mark upon him, and gave him personal instructions on what he should do.

In the centuries since this visitation, Tencendur organized his followers into a true knighthood devoted to Leartes, leading the black-armored warriors into countless battles across the Realms, appearing suddenly to help those in need, before vanishing just as suddenly.
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