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» Samil, [x] wyvern || male
Name: Samil (Sam-ill)

Species: Wyvern (Dragon)

Gender: Female

Age: 20 (Adolescent)


Samil is a young male wyvern that is unusually robust for his age. Already eight and a half feet in height, he promises to be a particularly large specimen of his race, with a wingspan of over double his length from nose to tail. His skin, more leathery than scaled, is a deep brown color speckled all over with spots of bright beige, white, black, and even red. A thick black mane starts between his long, deerlike ears and follows his spine, growing shaggier and shaggier until his tail resembles that of a particularly serpentine wolf. Glossy obsidian horns sweep back from his skull like branchless boughs. Both wing membranes are black, though thin enough to be translucent in bright light, and his eyes are a deep orange color reminiscent of fire coals.

Though the combination of Deirdre's riding gear and Samil's lack of scales means that they can fly comfortably without the aid of a saddle, the wyvern will sometimes wear a series of packs rigged around his flanks with straps and buckles for longer adventures. Neither of them bother with a flying harness, knowing the motion of the other's body too well for an accidental fall to happen.


Deirdre and Samil are a good match for each other; his energy, as boundless and inexhaustible as hers, means that the pair are rarely held back by any impulsive desire that occurs to them. Though he is still tremendously young for a dragon and subject to the occasional mood swing that comes with his incessant growing and endless appetite, he is a gentle creature, and it is uncharacteristic of him to let grudges fester when a conversation or an apology could dissolve them. He loves Deirdre fiercely, and is quick to defend her from any perceived dangers; despite the fact that the humans of Deirdre's small village have treated him with nothing less than deference and usually quite a bit of affection, he is agitated by strangers that could threaten her safety. His distrust has scared away a number of potential bandits spurred on by the war, thankfully, but fearful refugees unfamiliar with the wyvern's serpentine shape will sometimes seek a way around as well, leaving the unnamed village in a surprising state of ignorance as to the doings of the world.


Being a wyvern, Samil does not possess a breathweapon or special inclination toward the mysterious energies of the Realms; he, like Deirdre, is a physical creature, and his strong affinity for flying has strengthened his muscles and agility so as to fly circles around a heavier, clumsier Western. However, he has an intuitive grasp of reiatsu that eludes his rider, and will often compose amusing spells for himself that astonish and frustrate Deirdre when she attempts to replicate them. Though this is by no means battle-trained, Samil's instinctive use of reiatsu takes the edge off of some of their more dangerous flying, and, as his mind is nearly always focused on his rider, Samil's energy reflexively protects her from things like lightning strikes or falling debris in a low-altitude pass. He is an excellent hunter and can pick out a target from many miles away; his favoured technique is to drop from above, reaching terrifying speeds before he slams into his prey with claws spread and the sunlight directly in their eyes. Most die on impact.

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