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» Deirdre, [x] human || female
Name: Deirdre (day-air-druh).

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 23


Deidre is a slender, agile woman of average height. She is usually clad in several layers of riding gear, ranging from soft grey undershirts to stiff leather jerkins and elbow-length gloves lined with rabbit fur to stave off the chill of altitude. She favours high-waisted trousers that are tight to her body, and knee-high riding boots with reinforced soles and yet more fur. Several belts encircle her hips and thighs, arranged with homemade bone buckles for carrying any number of useful things. When she isn't wearing a protective hood and scarf, her long, ash-blonde hair falls in gentle ringlets to her elbows, and her eyes are a startling grey at odds with her tanned and freckled face.


Deirdre is a friendly critter with a tenacious grasp of life. She smiles easy, laughs often, and is frequently impulsive for the sake of satisfying a momentary curiosity or personal dare. When things get down to business, she becomes focused and serious, absorbed in the task at hand; yet she is not naturally inclined toward dwelling in personal sorrows and will find ways to express something if only to let her move on from it. Very open and communicative, she has a particularly powerful empathetic bond to her wyvern, Samil, and is rarely separated from his company. The two are somewhat naive of the dangers in Vystriana, having only ever lived in the Darklight Mountains with occasional excursions into the desert, and neither have encountered a Marker or otherwise learned of the art of portal-jumping. In fact, both Samil and Deirdre are so fond of flying and each other that the desire for instantaneous travel has never occurred to them.


As a human, Deirdre does not inherently possess any unusual abilities; her skills are more tactile, from years of hunting with a bow and playing an instrument that heavily resembles a fiddle. She's a strong swimmer, hiker, and runner, and knows the basics of carving tools (she once made a pair of rudimentary skis and raced Samil down a mountainside!). Without any guide from dragons or fellow riders alike, she has cobbled together an anatomical journal made from observing Samil and his health, and thus has developed basic healing skills in that field as well.

Reiatsu is a tricky subject. Unschooled in its use, Deirdre plays with it the way a child plays with an unsolved puzzle, turning it around and around in her mind and occasionally getting excited when something fits suddenly into place. Samil teaches her what he can and so the pair are able to manage amateur spells, usually in the form of "flare" lights (so that Deirdre can let Samil know where she is in a thick forest), firestarting (both), hyperawareness of others (useful for hunting), temporary freezing, and sensitivity to reiatsu-imbued objects. There is a deeper potential for reiatsu in Deirdre, but she is completely unaware of it, and only cursorily interested in its arts.

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