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» Flash of Light, [x] Tca'ier || Female
 Posted: Apr 30 2017, 03:10 PM
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Character's Name: Flash of Light
Sex or Gender: female.
Species: tca'ier
Age: around a year old.
Rank/Job: n/a
Realm: Felnova.

Abilities: A very slight ability to communicate using directed emotion/mental images. Which allows her to communicate, and perhaps reach out to another tca'ier not too far away, for example to call for help, nothing else.

Personality: Rather energetic, much more likely to be seen moving much more often than standing still. Likes to tumble about, at least when in the air. Because doing so on the ground, leaves her with far to much grit in her scales. That then needs to be gotten rid of. Loves to swim, and hunt fish(at least when she doesn't steal it). While not the type to steal everything that's not tied down. She'll unappologetically snatch something that really catches her interest. Sometimes it's returned, sometimes it's not. Friendly, affectionate, caring, and curious, rather liking to be around people. At least those who are not genuinely disliking her, or her kind. Proud, but being a youngster, not so proud that she won't act like the child she is. While she's not so old that she's grasped how to do words yet, she's pretty transparent when it comes to sharing her thoughts, and moods. When happy and the like, she'll almost seem to vibrate with it, and anyone in close proximity to her will definitely feel it. Sad, unhappy, and so on. She'll draw in on herself and fortunately not share it in the same way, but her body language is very telling anyways. Fairly bright, and can understand things rather well, when she focuses at least. At her age though, it's keeping that focus and level of concentration for long, that's really hard most of the time.

Appearance: While she's fairly big for a tca'ier for her age, at a length of 27 feet. Much of that is tail and legs, though she's not as stilt-legged as many dragonets can be. Slender and flexible, like most of her species, she's very agile, and can nearly double back on herself if she wants to. Trying to hold her by the tail, for example, may be a bad idea. Any larger scales on the sides of her head, doesn't extend very far back. Instead she has several slender horns growing back. A crest of long and pointy spines connected by membrane flares out from the top of her neck about halfway down it. She also has a impressive set of somewhat sturdier spines growing along her shoulder area. Starting close to the base of her tail, her tail-fan is fairly wide. Most of the thin spines extending well past the almost transparent membrane connecting them. Like all tca'ier who haven't yet developed their adult colors, her eyes are a dark grey with a slight iridescent effect to them. Flash of Light's scales are mainly mottled with shades of a lighter, cloudy grey. With some hints of almost white and a little slate grey here and there.

History: Being an 'only child', the egg that contained Flash of Light came down in a somewhat swampy area not far from a river. That was not the most pleasant place to hatch, when her egg cracked a few days later. But, at least there were easy prey available, as local critters had showed up to eat anything that'd been killed when her egg impacted the ground. After that, she dried her wings, got into the air, and went to find land that was drier.

Then, a few days later, she came across a fisherman. Well, acctually Lreraine was a botanist, but used to fish in the river from a younger age, he'd gone to do so to help his family. Flash of Light inspected him, decided that he seemed friendly, and then stole a box of salt. Which was tasty, at least when she caught a small taste at the tip of her tongue. Eating the rest of the box in one go, that didn't taste as good.

Hours later, when the foulness of all that salt had left her mouth. Curiosity made her seek out Lreraine, who by then had made camp further up the river. Though a bit nervous about having a dragon about, and also slightly irked by that the salt was clearly gone. Flash of Light still managed to win him over, and be forgiven for the theft.

Since then, she's stayed around Lreraine a great deal, finding him and the company he keeps interesting. Since they treat her pretty well, and are willing to watch over and show her things. And of-course she helps them with what she can too. Like hunting, hunting is easy.
 Posted: Apr 30 2017, 05:11 PM
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