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» Chierrjjih, [x] Western Dragon || Male
 Posted: Apr 30 2017, 03:09 PM
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Name: Chierrjjih (also going by Sunflare).

Gender: male.

Age: 92 years.

Species: western dragon

Personality: Mostly, Chierrjjih is a fairly patient guy, in that he can and does think about things. Being attentive to plans, and that it's sort of a good thing to at least have an idea about what to do before jumping into a situation. He can concentrate well, focusing on a goal or target and not (easily) letting it go until he's reached it. Unless there's a good reason for it. He's stubborn and got a sense of responsibility, but not a person to charge blindly after things, or getting obsessive about it. More confident in himself and his abilities than when he was younger. May be a bit full of himself though, but might at times manage to be so in something of a charming way. He has a temper though, which he's trying to keep a check on, not that he always succeed in that. But, he's usually better at it than his brother. Even if that temper can be somewhat explosive and long-lasting when really triggered. Does try to be professional, all the more so outside of fighting situations. If he falls to threatening someone, it's more by getting in that person's face. May be at least sort ort of respectful, even when trying to kill someone. Not really a quiet sort of person, but not one to chatter away a lot either. Generally trying to be supportive of friends and so on, but might not be the best person to go for advice, he's horrible at finding the right words. Intelligent and curious, trying to be more than the cold and violent type of soldier or guard that some might see as the ideal. Ambitious, and has some skill at leading smaller groups. Aiming towards gaining more rank and influence with age and experience. May have a tendency to fall into a bit of a depression if he feels he fails at keeping safe someone he really care about.

Appearance: A bit darker of color than his brother, Chierrjjih's hide is a mottled mix of dark grey and a mostly matte shade of black. The exception being on the underside of his wings, where the grey is somewhat lighter. While having stripes on his legs, they blend in more, and can be hard to see in dimmer light. Along each side of his neck and spine, he has small markings of deep red and coppery-orange, that are slightly biolumniscent. The membrane of his mane is more of a glossy black, with a slightly blue sheen to it. Horns, claws and spines are more of a grey-white color than ivory.

While not neccessarily a big dragon by some standards, he's still about twenty five feet long from nose to tail. Chierrjjih might be noticeably taller at the shoulder than the average height for a dragon of his family. Probably helped by that he has fairly long legs. At least when compared to some other dragons of more or less the same length. Seeing him on his own, it might be somewhat less obvious due to being rather bulky of build. Sleekly muscled and well propotioned for his weight he might be, but he's still pretty close to looking like he could smash through a brick building without noticing it too much. His head is broad, still well-shaped though, also a bit longer than typical for most dragons in his family. Like the rest of his body, it sports a fair number of sharp edges and ridges that gives him a somewhat fierce look. His eyes, that does glow a bit, is more orange-red than the often favored yellow where he comes from.

Abilities: He has some talent for fire magic, like being able to use it as a breath weapon like so many dragons. However, with some training, he's also learned to produce flashes of flame some distance from himself. These aren't lasting very long, not unusually too briefly to really set fire to anything(other than really dry grass). However, for the moment that they last, they can be used pretty well as distractions.

Background: Hatched in the northern regions of Vystriana, and grew up as the (slightly) oldest of himself and his brother. Their family often keeping themselves somewhat apart from others. Not neccessarily by keeping themselves isolated and never traveling, more by rarely having much in the way of ties to others. Older and choosing to train to become something of a soldier or fighter, he spent several years practicing that. Not really minding to leave the more limited ways of his family. Later on, he also fought in some smaller, very local wars or worked as a guard.

It wasn't until the Second Demon War that he fought in anything really big. And then..it wasn't neccessarily on the side of those who might have been the good guys in that. Certainly he survived, and maybe avoided really being noticed, as he didn't lead anything but a small group of dragons after all. But, he also came to decide, that the sort of people who wanted to 'rule the world' and went to rather unpleasant lengths to manage it. They weren't someone he wanted to follow.

So more recently, he's determined to try to keep out of that kind of stuff. Whoever he throws his lot in with next, he's going to make as sure as he can that they are more of a decent sort.

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By; Ulv-f
 Posted: Apr 30 2017, 05:04 PM
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