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» Rasha, [x] snakekind || female
Name: Rasha Rah-sshAH

Gender: female.

Species: snakekind (hooded zelne).

Appearance: a raptor-like reptilian creature with the head and long neck of a cobra and only three digits on her taloned hands and feet. Her lithe form is covered in black and coppery scales that gleam like opals and her green eyes are large and rounded, deep like the sea concealing endless darkness beneath their emerald surface of apparent peace. One of noble birth, Rasha carries herself with elegance and dignity and rarely if ever does her melodic voice betray a hiss. Invaluable jewelry always adorns her dark form and she often wears cloaks with large collars to accentuate her hood, a sign of status amongst her kind.

Abilities: Rasha is a powerful alchemist and a healer as well as a necromancer. The power to give "life" and the power to take it away.

She is nearly always accompanied by her fearsome Nnar' bodyguard, Narf.
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