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» Reisa, [x] dragon || female
Name: Reisa

Age: 257 years

Gender: Female

Alignement: Neutral

Species: Sea Serpent; Dragon

Appearance: A lithe figure that stands about ten feet tall. Deep verdant green scales covers the majority of her body, her underbelly is smooth and has an off-white color. She has relatively strong limbs, which helps with navigating through the seas. Green fins run down her back from her head, and additional fins jut out behind her limbs. Her irises are the color of black and are well-suited for seeing in the darkness. Her tail ends in a large wavy fan. Her gills are clearly visible on her neck, and her claws are webbed.

Personality: She carries herself in a graceful manner, moving with great finesse. She is very confident in her abilities and perhaps at times, is willing to lend a hand to others in need. She isn't quite approachable, nor extremely friendly. She prefers to be alone, believing that she would be able to work more efficiently if she were to do things by herself. Independence is one of her greatest values, growing up mostly by herself in a competitive underwater environment.

Her words are formed in an off-putting, and perhaps a bit cocky way. She has made very little contact with other sentient creatures and lives near the deeper areas of the ocean as. She would only travel near the surface if food runs scarce or if something catches her eye. Her only concern at the moment is to stay alive. She is competitive, and never truly made any effort to make contact with other dragons. Her only drive is to survive and thrive.

Abilities: She can release scalding water from her jaws to attack. However, she mostly relies on her agility and strength for combat and for hunting. Her tail is strong enough so that with a single splash of her tail, she can produce waves of any moderate size that her heart so desires. She is easily fatigued when performing the element of water, however.

History: She was always someone who could quickly adapt to their environment. She grew up with a mother, who would constantly go out of her way to seclude herself from others, other than her daughter. Her mother would constantly be on the move, shifting their nest from one place to another in search of food. She quickly adapted to famines that would occur. As she grew, her appetite only grew. At this point, she and her mother would argue over food. Arguments would sometimes end up in bloodshed.

She would later leave the region in search for a new home. She currently resides in the realm of Noctis.

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