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 The White Veldryn, [x] veldryn || male
Name: White One, The White, Lord White (His true name has long been lost to time, and he can;t be bothered to give himself a new one, or try to remember his old one.)

Age: Ancient

Gender: Male

Race: Veldryn

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: He looks like a fairly typical veldryn, with somewhat faded blue-grey eyes, a long, thick, serpentine tail ending in a thick tuft, a long, thick mane running from the top of his head down to just past his shoulder-blades, and a covering of sleek scales across his body. However, he is unique among his kind in that he is pure white in coloring, in stark contrast to the dark coloring of the rest of his kind.

Personality: Wise and insightful, he tends to think things overly carefully before acting, although he is capable of making quick decisions when needed. Calm and level-headed, he typically gives strangers the chance to prove their character and intentions before judging them one way or another, with the deathcats being one obvious exception. And, while his authority is absolute and his judgments swift and unyielding, he doesn't make arbitrary decisions, or refuse to consider circumstances before rendering said judgments.

Skills/Abilities: Like all of his kind, he is swift and agile, capable of outrunning and outmaneuvering all but the fastest creatures. Adapted to desert life, he has an almost instinctive knowledge about how to survive the burning sun and grating sand. He has a latent healing ability, allowing him to effectively enter a healing trance to speed his recovery from wounds or injuries. Like all his king, he can call upon the Fury, gaining great power and mastery over a single element at the risk of losing control and being consumed by it. And like all his kind, he has an innate bond with all his kind, able to sense when they are in trouble, or die. Unlike the rest of his kind, he is able to speak any tongue, and has learned many.

Weaknesses/Flaws: His eyesight is starting to fade slightly due to his age, and his memory isn't quite what is used to be, leading him to occasionally speak to the rest of the veldryn in a tongue partially or completely unknown to them. However, his mind remains as sharp s it always was. Also, like all his kind, he is almost completely lacking in magic, or ways to defend himself against it.

History: Believed to have been around since the beginning of his species, the White One has been the undisputed leader of the veldryn since as long as anybody can remember, leading them through times of war and times of peace. During the recent decades, as war after war has swept across Felnova and the rest of the Realms, he has become more and more isolationist in his mindset and rules, determined to keep his people safe.

However, after Scylla's wrath was calmed, he has begun to entertain thoughts of reaching out to the rest of the Realms, if cautiously.
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Character Information Approved!

Please post your character's name and URL in the Pages and Names topic. Thank you, and have fun with your new character!

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