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 Akra, [x] shriekan || female
Name: Akra

Age: 170

Gender: Female

Race: Shriekan

Alignment: Neutral-Dark

Appearance: Akra is a fairly typical shriekan, standing eight feet tall, and covered in red scales. Her eyes are a bright golden color, and she has a long scar running from beside her eye down to the edge of her mouth, drawing it up into a slight snarl. She is lean and muscular, and tends to wear little beyond a few pieces of armor, primarily along her left arm and shoulder, right forearm, and a helmet.

Personality: As fierce as any shriekan, and dauntless in battle. While she won't shy away from a fight, if a fight can be avoided by a show of aggression, she will be satisfied. Disdainful of overly restrictive rules, she has nothing but contempt for shriekan society. However, despite her independent nature, she is staunchly loyal to her allies, particularly to those who have earned the right to call her 'friend', and she has a rigid sense of fair dealings.

Skills/Abilities: She is as skilled with weapons as any male shriekan, she prefers to depend on her agility and reflexes rather than a full suit of armor for defense, and is fast, brutal, and aggressive when on the attack. She has a specially crafted bladed gauntlet for her left forearm with hooked blades capable of disemboweling a foe, and she tends to wield a very large sabre in her right hand.

Like all her kind, her venom and her shriek are deadly weapons she makes good use of in fights, and she is quite proficient with terrk'nor, the shriekan mind-magic.

Weaknesses/Flaws: She has little experience with or understanding of any society beyond that of the shriekan, and often engages in aggressive behavior when meeting people for th first time. During battle, she is prone to falling into a frenzy of violence, particularly if any of her allies have been injured.

History: Brought up like any female shriekan, Akra was expected to accept a low place in their hierarchy. Resentful, she left her old life behind, and sought a new one where she could be free to be what she wanted to be, and after a series of failed endeavors, found herself drawn to a life of piracy, where she could indulge her innate aggression, and not be constrained into a set role.
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