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 Kovas, [x] deathcat || male
Name: Kovas

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Race: Deathcat

Alignment: Dark

Appearance: A large example of his species, Kovas is a bit above average in height and weight, and heavily muscled. His dark, blue-black pelt is interspersed with an intricate pattern of black stripes and rosettes. He has two pairs of sabre-teeth in his jaws, the large primary pair jutting down from his upper jaw, and a second pair stabbing up from his lower jaw. His claws are exceptionally sharp, with a narrow cutting edge on their undersides. A bristly 'mane' of dense fur extends from between his ears to between his shoulder blades, and his tail is as long as the rest of his body, ending in large tuft. His pelt is short and dense. His eyes are a glistening blood-red shade.

Personality: Fierce and vicious, Kovas nonetheless possesses a savage code of honor. However, he nurses a burning hatred for all drow just as strong as his hate for the veldryn. Living in a harsh place like Nimravus, and seeing the hardships his kind are forced to face since the drow drove the from their old homes have left him with a burning will to live, and a burning desire to make the drow pay for their treachery. He claims to be given occasional visions by his ancestors, but whether this is true, or a result of madness is unknown.

Skills/Abilities: He is stronger that the average deathcat, and given to outbursts of berserk fury that deaden all feelings of pain. While in such a berserker state, he seems to ignore all wounds and thoughts of defense, focusing entirely on the slaughter. His claws are shaped like blades, with their narrow edges long and sharp enough to cause deep, ragged wounds, and slice through all but the toughest of hide, scale, or armor. His already strong senses are finely honed by life in the jungle.

Whether it be madness or genuine spiritual advice, he has occasional, surprisingly accurate flashes of insight into how to face problems. He is likewise one of the first deathcats in a long time with the strength and will to call all of his kind to him.

Weaknesses/Flaws: His hatred for veldryn and drow can skew his judgment and reason. Like all deathcats, he lacks magic, or any real defense against it.

History: Orphaned at a young age when drow raiders killed his parents, he was looked after by the other deathcats in the pride. However, he was the only one if his siblings to survive to maturity, the rest falling to the dangers of Nimravus. With each death, his hatred of the drow grew.

His hatred reached its peak when, one day, a drow disguised as a veldryn killed the former king after a bloody fight. Thinking it was a veldryn, Kovas led a few of his kind and chased after the bloodied creature, thinking to run it to exhaustion then close in for the kill. However, after he realized it was a drow, he sprinted after it, fearing it would use magic to escape. He was right, and caught up to the party only to have the portal close right as he was about to leap through it.

Furious, he swore to extract a blood price from the drow for the death of the king, and for a while, he disappeared into the jungle by himself, emerging some time later, claiming to have received a spiritual visit from his ancestors. Whether it was true or not, he nonetheless secured himself a substantial place within the Eofelis hierarchy.
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