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 Isaac, [x] human || male
Name: Isaac

Age: 16 years

Gender: Male

Alignment: Neutral Light

Species: Human

Occupation: Mage Apprentice

Appearance: He's a skinny boy of short stature, and he holds himself in a confident way. He has a soft and kind face and is of a rather light complexion. He usually has a cocky grin etched upon his face. His eyes have a soft, amber hue to them. His hair has a dark brown color, which is cut short.

His attire mainly consists of a royal blue cloak. His cloak is one of his most treasured items, as it was given by his master and teacher. The cloak is lined in a brilliant golden color, which matches with his affinity for thunder magic. He usually tries to keep it clean, but much to his chagrin, it ends up being dirty from his adventures. A simple platinum band with an emerald center clutches tightly on his right arm. It signifies his rank as a budding apprentice.

At times he would carry a tome along with him, usually held in his left arm when casting spells.

Personality: A high-spirited and a highly motivated boy with a strong sense of adventure. He has a high risk-high reward mentality, which may harm him in the long run.

He usually gives off a light and jovial vibe and is usually up for a short conversation. His words are crafted in a simple and lax manner. Other times, he would speak in an arrogant tone (usually after performing some new spell), but not towards his superiors. Gods forbid if it were someone of the royal bloodline.

There's a drive within him that craves for knowledge and experience. As an apprentice of the Order of Mages, he's fairly studious. During school hours, he can be found in the libraries, reading often about the elements and the history of magics. However, he still prefers going on expeditions and explorations instead of sitting down in front of a piece of parchment. He can be found traveling in markets, in nearby landmarks and such in his free time. He can be found wandering about, lost in thoughts. To an outsider, it is almost as if he were searching for something.

His loyalty lies with the Order. He knows his position as an apprentice and values the structure of the Order itself. He knows that he may not hold much power and believes that he has very little influence upon the it. He is usually obedient.

He fears and hates all things dark and unholy, especially those of demonic lineage.

Abilities: As a newly appointed Fourth Year student, he specializes in the element of lightning. He can send jolts of lightning onto another entity, which can stun the target temporarily. He may also summon larger amounts of electricity, which may potentially harm another being and possibly leave behind burns.

He wishes to study the power of light. He may create a small sphere of energy and launch it at his foes. Or, he may also use the power to create a simple source of light, which may be utilized to replace torches. He rarely performs the art of healing, as healing others causes him great fatigue. Even so, he can only heal minors wounds such as scrapes.

He uses energy of his own to summon magic. After using the power of lightning or light, his heartbeats will slow, resulting in low blood pressure. In many cases, this may cause fatigue, lightheadedness, shallow breathing, or in other extreme cases, fainting.

History: He was born in the city of Felnova. He was the son of two mages, who were both loyal to the Order. He inherited a large amount of magic from them and was immediately brought to the Tower when he was capable enough to perform magic. Living in the Tower, he frequently saw his parents, and they would bring back small souvenirs for him to play with.

Growing up, he was fairly lax in his studies and usually gained subpar results on his exams. He would often have to repeat grade levels at the academy. He was unmotivated. Indeed, he was able to conjure up spells, but he had the feeling that he wasn't going to use that ability any time soon. With so many people dedicating their lives for the defense of Felnova, he simply stated that he wouldn't make much of a difference. Many members expected greatness from him because his mother and father had done so much for the Order. He wanted to travel down a different path, but due to his lineage of mages, he could not. And so he was forced to stick to the academy, uninterested in the ways of magic.

At one point, he was told that his mother was slain and his father went missing when combating a demonic beast. Devastated, he became increasingly less willing to perform magic and even thought of abandoning the academy in search for his father. But he realized that he wasn't strong enough to go out around the world with his current magical ability.

After thinking for some time, he had begun to work harder in the academy. At this point, he'd realized how the structure of the Order was designed in such a fascinating way. The Order was there for him and provided ways that would help him achieve his goals. He became gifted in the power of thunder, much to his surprise. He learned the ways of lightning and continued to do so. But he wished to pursue something else - the element of light. If he managed to gain the power of light, he would gain an advantage against the darkness.

He currently resides at the Godshome, studying his best. He hopes to meet his father again.

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