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» Qualo, [x] dragon/snakekind || male
Name: Qualo

Age: 5,000 Years

Gender: Male

Race: Riven Snakekind/Amphithere Dragon

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Massive and serpentine, Qualo is considerably longer than most dragons. Bright green scales run down the length of his sinuous body, while regular diamonds of blue-green scales form a distinct pattern down his spine. His belly scales are a pale green shade. Two massive pairs of wings adorn his upper body, roughly where his shoulders would be if he had any other limbs. These wing are brilliantly colored, resplendent with feathers of various shades of red, orange, and yellow adorning them. A crest of similar coloring adorns his head and hood. He commonly wears a golden headdress adorned with jade.

Personality: Very cunning and highly perceptive, he is hard to fool with either lies or illusions, and strong-willed enough to make mental trickery very difficult to work on him. He prefers to consider every angle to events and problems before acting on them. Fierce and proud, he doesn't take kindly to threats or insults. He does enjoy a good mental challenge, and games that require a keen mind.

Skills/Abilities: His scales are immensely hard, encasing him in formidable natural armor. His massive, sharp fangs can deliver a venom just as nasty as a full-blooded Riven's. His great size and strength together with his sinuous body allow him to wrap a large foe in his coils and squeeze the breath from their bodies if he doesn't just crush the life from them. His reflexes are blindingly fast, allowing him to react to even the quickest attacks. He is an extremely powerful blood mage, capable of using any source of blood to conjure potent defenses or devastating attacks. This ability is often enhanced by his willing soldiers and subjects spilling token amounts of their blood, giving him an enormous boost to his power while within his homeland. He is also gifted in Air magic, able to conjure up powerful winds.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Without his people on hand to empower him with their blood, he is substantially weaker, and his large size makes him a rather obvious target. And while he has a highly effective natural armor in the form of his scales, he has little natural defense against magics, aside from blood magic. A successful magical ambush could leave him greatly injured.

History: Qualo has ruled over Kalak'mul, and Noktureesah, for thousands of years, rigidly enforcing a policy of isolationism. However, refugees from distant lands seeking to escape war and hardships were allowed entry, regardless of race, and required to swear blood-oaths to Noktureesah and its Priest-Lords. By doing so, he ensured that Noktureesah grew, and avoided any infiltration by foreign spies or agents, as the blood-oath left any who broke it dead.

Now, however, as dire events have begun to threaten all of Millirand, and Realms beyond, he has begun to wonder if it might serve Noktureesah better to end their long isolation.
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