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» Ingrid Stouthammer, [x] dwarf || female
Name: Ingrid Stouthammer

Age: 280

Gender: Female

Race: Dwarf

Alignment: Light

Appearance: Typical of a dwarf, Ingrid has rusty red hair, and also has a mallen streak to the right of her parting. Typical to a dwarf still, her hair is long, and often scraped into a messy plait that reaches the small of her back. Her eyes are green, her nose is broad, hooked, and set slightly crookedly, and her skin tone is russet on account of the fact that she works her forge frequently. She is four feet tall, and very stout, with a large bust and hips, along with strong, calloused hands and big feet. Her ears stick out a little, and are decorated with many simple golden loop earrings from the lobes to the upper rims. In terms of clothing, she generally wears rough cloth shirts and trousers in earthen colours, and thick leather boots. When working, she will also wear thick hide gloves and an old hide apron. Finally, in addition to the earrings she wears, she also has several gold rings on each finger, some patterned, some plain, but overall nothing too extravagant, and also has a small, simple tattoo of a warhammer on her right bicep.

Personality: In a single word, stubborn. Once Ingrid has set her mind on something, it is very hard to steer her from it. As a result, sometimes it can be difficult to be in her company, but under her stubbornness, there is a good heart. Ingrid feels things very strongly, from love to anger, and once you’ve found a friend in her, you have someone fiercely loyal. One of the quickest ways to gain Ingrid’s appreciation is through drink, followed closely by strength and combat prowess. She is a great lover of beers and ales and the like, and becomes very sociable among fellow drinkers.

Skills/Abilities: Ingrid is a skilled metalworker, and can forge most things from simple jewellery to weaponry to armour. She also displays great skill and aggression when fighting with her trusty hammer, even when drunk, up to a point.

Weaknesses/Flaws: She tends to have a bit of a short fuse sometimes, so it is usually best to let her get on with things when she has a bubbling temper. Because she is also so stubborn, it can cause strains with friendships. Additionally, she also has a tendency to be a bit of a drunkard. She can really put away the beer, and doesn’t really have much of a sense of when to stop. She is also quite loud, which can present her as intimidating to more withdrawn creatures.


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Thanks to SpiritSai for her beautiful art!
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