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» Rose, [x] succubus || female
Name: Rose

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Race: Death Succubus

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Rose is 5'4". She has thick, wavy royal purple hair down to her shoulders, through which two straight, thin, backward facing black horns can be seen. She has long, black wings that allow flight, as well as a long, thin tail with a barbed end. She is unnaturally pale to the point of ghostliness, but her lips are a deep red, so much so that in low light they might appear black. Her eyes are fuchsia, and her pupils are catlike. Because it is the way with her species, she also has an attractive classic hourglass body shape, and is not too thin, nor too large, rather falling nicely in between. Additionally, she has a trail of small spikes – much like a dragon’s - running down her spine that she can flatten and raise at will. She does, however, lack the additional scales that one would also usually find on the back of a succubus of her kind.

Personality: Completely the opposite of what one might expect of a succubus, Rose is quite withdrawn. Social interaction is not her forte, especially with strangers, and she tends to come across as awkward, jumpy, and bumbling. She improves as she gets to know people, however, but until then she displays a number of nervous tics – usually in her wings and tail. Because she is easily flustered, she also tends to blush a lot, which spreads over her cheeks in a bruised purple colour.

Skills/Abilities: While her introverted nature may come across as endearing to some and therefore occasionally work in her favour when it comes to finding opportunities to draw energy from another, Rose has the ability to possess sentient beings for times when it does not. She also has a decent grip on the element of earth, which permits her to manipulate the earth and rock around her to a point. She also has the ability, as a result, to call on small animals. Finally, she also has the potential to directly cause damage with her reiatsu and screeches, and has the death succubi healing gene.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Her natural hesitance around social interaction is quite literally life endangering for Rose, as the longer she waits, the weaker she gets, and the more her mind deteriorates. As aforementioned, she also can possess sentient beings. However, this has its limits: the more focused and strong willed the target is, the more difficult it is for her to invade and retain control over them. She can also only use her magic for so long before growing tired, just like every other magical being.

History: The child of a succubus mother and a human father, Rose has only just stopped aging, and become a full succubus. Not fully sure of herself and her abilities yet, she has left the company of demons to travel, and perhaps find a place for herself in the world.


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Thanks to SpiritSai for her beautiful art!
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