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» Xena, [x] direwolf | female
 Posted: Apr 2 2017, 10:59 AM
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Name: Xena

Gender: Female

Species: Direwolf

Appearance: Xena's fur is typical to a direwolf, though it is nearly a full gradient, fading from a dark blue to tinges of purple, and finally ending in a mix of oranges. She also has golden markings among her coat. She stands about 5'6" feet at the shoulder, and fittingly to her subspecies she is heavily muscled, appearing stocky to other normal wolves. Xena may not be the easiest to approach, to those weak-willed or especially young. Often she is seen with a grim expression or some kind of frown.

Personality: With bad patience and even worse temper, this she wolf settles for nothing but the best. She is a perfectionist and hard-working to a fault, sometimes pushing herself to the point of illness. Though Xena can be snappy and overall unforgiving towards strangers, she does have a softer side that may open up for those willing to get close to her. She tends to go easier on younger creatures as well, but only by a small margin.

Abilities: She is able to wield fire magic alongside exceptionally powerful bites, and is especially gifted in magma summoning and manipulation. Because of this speciality she can resist burns, but she is not completely immune to fire magic that is not her own - it's just not as effective. Xena has been born with the ability to dreamwalk from time to time, though if a dreaming 'victim' resists her image she may be kicked out.

Familiar: Her familiar, called Dawn, takes the form of a bush viper. Dawn's powers are centered around light magic. Like her master, she is specialized in one form of manipulation of her element, in this case, purification. However overall her magic can be weaker in comparison to Xena's.

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 Posted: Apr 2 2017, 12:10 PM
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