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» Nicholai, [x] demon || male
 Posted: Apr 1 2017, 05:25 PM
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Name: Nicholai ("Nick")

Gender: Male

Species: Demon; N'vaen (Famine Exile)

Appearance: Nicholai is almost always seen in a human form that stands at a rather average 5'7", sporting neither wings nor horns. If the situation calls for it, he may take on other appearances, but human is his go-to. He could take on a more 'natural' demonic appearance but only if it is needed for intimidation or power purposes. That or if he is among others of his kind but this would be the rarest circumstance, as Nicholai is an oddity of an outcast that does not like to socialize with other demons.

Abilities: Aside from the typical physical strength and magics that comes from such a demon (he has potential for a first Trigger as well), it is the element of ice you will find running strongest through his energy. Nicholai has become nearly one with the cold (it is evident in his appearance as well, pale nearly ivory skin and light blue eyes), and will be impervious to it unless he is weakened - if he is wounded somehow a freezing climate will indeed begin to eat at him slowly. Perhaps one of the ways an observant life form can glance at Nicholai's true nature is his disregard to the cold, where weaker species would freeze to death, he remains untouched.

Next, is the element of darkness where he has learned how to poison other beings, and then lightning. Listed last, lightning is the element he can control the least, and oftentimes he avoids using it entirely because it is the most unpredictable and susceptible to his emotional state.

He is weakest to light magic.

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 Posted: Apr 1 2017, 07:00 PM
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