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» Dax, [x] Wargwolf | Female
 Posted: Mar 17 2017, 07:07 PM
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Name: Dax
Gender: Female? Probably? She tries not to think about it too hard.
Sexuality: Homosexual
Pronouns: She/her/hers
Species: Wargwolf
Age: 26

Home Realm: Felnova
Current Realm: Felnova

  • Human
    • 5'5" tall
    • 140lbs—slim build, largely composed of lean muscle
    • Short black hair
    • Olive skin
    • Large, gray eyes
    • Scars on right side on neck—thick, pale scar tissue, reminiscent of bite marks. (They are bite marks.)
    • Submissive, wolfish body language—rarely makes eye contact, sometimes turns face to the side to "bare" her neck, shoulders are often hunched
  • Wolf
    • 190lbs
    • 6.5ft long from tail to nose.
    • 4ft tall at the shoulder.
    • Black coat with light brown guard hairs
    • Significantly larger than the average wolf

  • Nervous stammer
  • Wolfishly submissive—often agrees to things she doesn't agree with
  • Enjoys whittling and is pretty good at it. Often carves small tokens to surreptitiously leave for people she likes.
  • Fearful of men—displays tense, caged body language; will bolt or grovel at the first sign of anger or aggressiveness, or even loud noises such as clapping or harsh laughter
  • Clingy toward women—takes comfort in "strong" women, will attach herself to their sides when in an uncomfortable situation. (Every situation is uncomfortable for Dax)
  • Clasps, rubs, or scratches at scarred side of neck when nervous or distressed. (Dax is always nervous or distressed)
  • Rarely shifts, especially into garou (anthropomorphic wolf) form.

  • Heightened Senses Thanks to her wolfish ancestry, Dax has particularly keen sense of smell, sight, and hearing.
  • Transformation Dax can transform into three different wargwolf forms.
    • Lupus A normal wolf, albeit exceptionally large. Prone to shifting into wolf form when frightened.
    • Garou An athropomorphic wolf around 7ft tall. Stronger than her lupus form but not quite as fast. Prone to shifting into garou form when angry or threatened.
    • War Garou form on steroids and made out of nightmares. 10ft tall and exceptionally powerful and fast. Dax has never shifted into this form and isn't aware she even has a third form.
  • Rites Dax is capable of crude magic. However, the performance of magic requires certain rites—tribal and intimate in nature. Dax's rites usually involve the quiet, embarrassed singing of nonsense words; a small, hide-bound drum she keeps in her knapsack, and for more complicated magic, the accompaniment of others or the burning of catalysts.

  • Werewolf and worgen parents died when Dax was an infant
  • Through a series of unfortunate coincidences, wound up as the foster child of a human family
  • Though wargwolves often first transform around puberty, she was a late bloomer and didn't do so until young adulthood, which was... a bit of a surprise
  • Fell prey to an old, wealthy vampire and got locked in an abusive, nonconsensual relationship with him (hence the scars on her neck)
  • Eventually rescued by a female worgen mercenary who sniffed out trouble
  • Taken in by a small worgen tribe
  • Left the tribe after two years due to sexism and abuse, which reached their peak alongside anxiety over Felnovia's balance.
  • Traveled briefly with a worgen mercenary woman
  • Is currently a vagabond.

 Posted: Mar 17 2017, 08:29 PM
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