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 Virote, [x] hellwolf || male
Name: Virote

Age: Roughly 3,000 years.

Gender: Male

Race: Barghest

Alignment: Dark

Appearance: Typically, when manifesting in a visible form, he appears as a massive, shadowy wolf with what looks like black fire swirling around his paws. This black fire often leaves scorched pawprints behind. No hints of eyes are visible in the shadows. Occasionally, particularly when he wants to startle somebody, the shadows pull back from his head, revealing a ghastly white face with piercing red eyes, bright red ears, and a fiery mane-like growth of fur around his neck, utterly at odds with his normal appearance.

Personality: Virote is completely out of his mind, mercurial and unpredictable. But, while he may be cheerful and verbose in one moment, or irritable at the next, there is always an undercurrent of menace to his demeanor, powered by his burning hatred for the living. He enjoys tormenting living beings, even those who are technically his allies, before either killing them, or letting them go, entirely on a whim.

Skills/Abilities: The fire he wielded while alive has transmuted into a dark fire that gives off heat but no light, and behaves more like a shadow than a flame. It is notable in its tendency to burn victims from the inside out after searing its way into their innards, and resistance to both water and light. Also, undead that he is, he is enormously resilient, and his already great strength has been further increased to the point where he could fight a komainu on even footing.

His greatest, and most used ability is to summon creatures spawned from fears and nightmares, which he can innately sense in others. These creatures can take on any appearance, and grow stronger with the more fear and suffering they cause. And, while they may look like any number of creatures, their insides are made of the same dark fire that surrounds Virote's paws.

Weaknesses/Flaws: His conjured creations take constant energy to maintain, and the stronger they get, the more energy they require. Should they grow to demand more energy than he is willing or able to give, they will run rampant for a short while while they burn out, destroying everything they can in their frenzy. His rampant insanity can likewise interfere with him making sound decisions.

History: Once a loyal hellwolf in the service of War Kingdom, and a ranking member of the Royal Pack, he met his demise during Chamenos' reign, after the Lord ascended to the Silver Throne, and waged his first, unsuccessful war. Some time afterward, during the Second Demon War, Virote was resurrected to serve Chamenos a second time, with only his bond to War ensuring his obedience. After Chamenos' death, the bond between Virote and the War Lord has weakened, weakening still further with the recent disappearance of the previous War Lord.

Now, though this bond has weakened, Virote is nonetheless still bound to War Kingdom, and its reigning Lord, although he displays no signs of loyalty to any other War demon or hellwolf.
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