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 Ratatoskr, [x] halfling/elf || male
Name: Ratatoskr

Age: 82

Gender: Male

Race: Halfling/Elf

Alignment: Neutral Light

Appearance: He looks much like an elf, aside from his (lack of) height, and hairy feet. His eyes are a bright blue-grey color, and often glinting with mischief, and his hair is a russet shade. He typically adorns himself in light, loose clothing colored to match the forest.

His animal form is a red squirrel with a long tail, and long, tasseled ears. Three blue-white stripes run from the top of his head down to the tip of his tail, and his belly fur is a pale tan color.

Personality: Light-hearted, mischievous, and often impetuous, Ratatoskr is nonetheless a dependable if unpredictable ally, and equally unpredictable foe. While he does enjoy pulling pranks and causing mischief, there's no malice in his actions, unless he's after someone who has in some way incurred his spite or wrath. Only those he greatly respects will be immune from his pranking.

Skills/Abilities: Druid that he is, he can shape-shift into an animal form. In his case, a squirrel, granting him great speed and agility, especially when climbing trees or leaping from branch to branch. His sense of smell is greatly heightened, and his eyes are positioned in such a way that he can see a good deal of his surroundings without having to turn his head. His hearing is likewise highly acute. In either form, he is very light on his feet.

From his halfling father he inherited an instinctive feeling for the land and weather, deepening his connection to the land, animals, and weather. From his elven mother, he inherited a strong propensity for magic. The lesser of these is the ability to gently manipulate nature, such as conjuring up a fog, smoothing the ground to hide all trace of footfalls or any sign anybody passed through, or causing plant life to grow and mature faster.

His greatest power is a deep connection to lightning, with which he is quite proficient. The stripes on his back glow whenever he conjures a powerful bolt while in squirrel form, and he can actually use lightning as a mode of transportation, riding a bolt in a straight line, or making it ricochet off of a solid object, should he need to get some place really quickly.

Weaknesses/Flaws: While he is quite quick and agile, he is ill-equipped to take any sort of blow without suffering serious injury, particularly as a squirrel. He is likewise susceptible to earth and dark magics, the latter moreso.

Lastly, his impetuous nature can often land him in trouble.

History: Born from the union between an elf and a halfling, both of whom were druids, Ratatoskr followed in their footsteps from a young age. While his personality is far different from the passive wisdom many druids are known for, or at least expected to display, his innate connection to the earth rivals much older druids.

He has rarely ever ventured beyond the border of Rynorel Forest, content to dwell within the shelter and bounty of the trees. However, when the Faction began to spread onto Millirand, he began to grow wary of their intentions, especially when they began to travel through the forest as if they owed it, more than ready to teach them a lesson in manners.
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