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» Nelarth, [x] solar/lunar dragon || male
Name: Nelarth

Gender: Male

Species: Solar Dragon/Lunar Dragon hybrid

Age: 14 (Equivalent of 15)

He is built much like a typical western and his head is canine-esque in appearance. He bears a marking upon his forehead that takes the shape of a Sun during day and takes the shape of the Moon during night that will change in accordance to the phase of the Moon. He is mainly covered in fur all over with some elegant feathers that trail behind him and he also has furred wings. His coat is a golden color that shines in direct sunlight during day with Silver markings while during Night it, is generally reverses and changes to Silver with Gold markings except it becomes black on nights of the New Moon and sometimes his night coat will shift with the hues of the night sky over all.

He is somewhat of a shy guy but can also be stubborn and temperamental though he will be kind if he is treated the same way and with respect. He loathes the Faction of Hope for taking his parents away from him and enslaving them though he is honorable and tries to do what he feels is right and will try and help fight and assist others when he is able to. He has some self-doubt issues and often blames himself for his parents' capture and wishes he had been stronger and could have prevented their capture and considers the Faction of Hope to be a bunch of racists.

Being a hybrid between a Solar Dragon and Lunar dragon, he can effectively harness power from the Sun and Moon due to his mixed heritage. He may wield Water and Darkness from his Lunar heritage though he primarily specializes in the elements of Fire and Light. His flames are a bright golden or white color during day and a silver color during night and turn black on nights of the New Moon. He may use his flames either offensively or to purify and heal injuries and areas tainted with malice and due to his Solar heritage, he may imbue Solar Energy into his flames and help plantlife grow but he has much to learn about his abilities because he is still very young. In addition he has Solar Vision and Lunar vision and is able to "perceive" through either a Sun or a Moon, being able to see what the Sunlight/Moonlight is touching though this is limited only to the surrounding area he is in and it is a bit of a draining ability.

History: A child born between Day and Night, his mother was a Lunar Dragon and his father was a Solar and both of them were loving parents. All three of them lived in seclusion and were happy that way. His mother would teach him about the Night Sky and show him the beauty of the Moon while his father taught him about day and the glory of the Sun and he listened to both of them intently. Nelarth loved the stories they would both weave and had a strong love for his parents. Although he and his parents lived in seclusion and prefered to be left alone, they would try and assist any creatures they came across. Presently, the little family has been torn apart as he and his parents were found by the faction though his parents protected him from his would-be captors and in turn they were captured instead and told him to run and not turn back, so he did. He wants to help destroy the faction and everything that they stand for and hopefully free his parents from the hands of those awful bastards.
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