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 Balthazar, [x] xeriin/dragon || male
Name: Balthazar

Age: 1,200

Gender: Male

Race: Xeriin/Dragon

Alignment: Neutral Dark

Appearance: Typically, he appears as a tiger xeriin, standing over seven feet tall, with feline eyes, ears, tail, and claws, or as an actual tiger. In his humanoid form, his hair is predominantly a bright orange color with black highlights. He prefers clothing that is loose and comfortable, and typically luxurious.

His rarely-used dragon form is of a massive, dark-scaled dragon with four enormous fangs that just out from his jaw. He lacks horns, and is thick-bodied, reminiscent of a winged, scaled toad with a long tail.

He is capable of taking on other forms due to his shifting gene, but prefers the form of a tiger. Whatever form he takes on, however, he love to wear expensive jewelry.

Personality: A total hedonist who finds pleasure in nearly everything, and indulges his hedonistic whims as a way of life. As far as he's concerned, life is one big game, and he generally refuses to get involved in the affairs of the Realms, even if the Realms themselves could be in danger of destruction. However, if somebody or something he feels attached to/infatuated by is threatened, he will often be spurred to act.

He is immensely intelligent and perceptive, but too given to sloth to actively make use of it. He is likewise largely impossible to intimidate, as threats of pain or injury are typically met with interest rather than aversion. He is far from shy, and tends to invite anybody he meets to loosen up and enjoy the pleasures of life. He treats his heritage as the son of a god as a source of amusement, or an interesting conversation subject.

Skills/Abilities: He is immensely strong due to his draconic heritage, and far faster than his appearance and lifestyle would suggest. He is also a very powerful blood mage, able to make use of his own blood as readily as the blood of others. His fangs, particularly his draconic ones, produce a poison that prevents healing, whether that healing be natural or magical, making it especially deadly when used against a foe that relies on healing in fights. When in a humanoid or feliniod form, his fangs have a much reduced version of this poison. His blood magic allows him to heal any injuries he might incur with exceptional speed.

In his draconic form, his thick, rubbery hide and layer of blubbery fat beneath his tough outer scales provide him with an incredibly resilient outer layer of armor, and his skin secretes a disorienting, paralytic toxin. His breath is highly toxic.

Weaknesses/Flaws: He lacks any elemental magics whatsoever, or defenses against such. And when faced with creatures immune to poison, he will be forced to rely on alternative means to deal with them. Also, his hedonism can lead him to draw out a fight, or get distracted from important tasks, even if he can't really bring himself to be overly concerned by such happenings.

History: Born to a xeriin woman who had been seduced by a disguised Lithmor hundreds of years ago, Balthazar has spent his life in the pursuit of pleasure. His most noteworthy accomplishment, which he treated as an entertaining game, was finding out his true parentage after his shifting abilities manifested.

Since then, he has focused entirely on every pleasure life has to offer, inviting others to enjoy the same type of life, even when the Realms have been threatened. He reveled in the massive storms spawned by Scylla, and has observed the ongoing war with lazy interest.
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