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» Charn, [x] demon/sphinx || male
Name: Charn

Age: 207

Gender: Male

Race: Sphinx/Demon; N'vaen

Alignment: Dark

Appearance: Charn closely resembles a typical sphinx, aside from his paws, which resemble those of a lizard more than a lions, with the forepaws being dexterous and hand-like. He stands roughly five feet tall at his shoulder. His tail is long and prehensile, with sharp spines hidden by a thick tuft of fur on its tip. His pelt is a dark, golden-black shade, darkening to pure black on his face and mane-like hair, which is typically left to hang loose and messy. His eyes are a blazing gold color.

Personality: Intrigued to the point of mad obsession with crafting plagues, and molding living beings to fit his mad visions. Coinciding with this is an unwavering loyalty to Pestilence Kingdom, as such loyalty ensures his work will be funded and supported, and his position within Pestilence means he is largely left to his own devices and desires when at work. He views any suffering caused by his experiments with detached observation, and his work in general with a wild, driven passion.

Skills/Abilities: Charn is skilled with both light and dark magics, able to combine the two in unique ways, which he typically uses to further his work. He is likewise an accomplished alchemist and runeweaver, and master poisoner, aided by his demonic heritage giving him total immunity to poisons, toxins, and disease. His reiatsu can be used to render victims comatose if they breathe it, leaving them at his mercy.

He can conjure magical wings for himself when he wishes to, and his paws allow him to climb and cling to virtually any surface. He possesses greater strength, speed, and stamina than the majority of Vystrian lions.

Weaknesses/Flaws: First and foremost, his skewed sense of priorities can place him at a disadvantage when dealing with others (i.e. non-specimens), or should be focusing on anything outside his research. But perhaps his greatest weakness is he can be slow to actually kill even the most dangerous of foes as he tries to instead capture them.

History: Born from a union between Vortigern and a sphinx mage, Charn was for a time a member of the Mage's Guild before moving to Kurai to serve his father. It wasn't long before he was placed in charge of developing new plagues and poisons, and in other work as well. he played an instrumental role in the experiments that made Crosis what he is. Now, his attention has of late turned towards plagues specifically designed to target a single species.
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