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» Kusanagi, [x] elemental || male
 Posted: Jan 19 2017, 11:44 AM
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Name: Kusanagi

Gender: Male

Species: Nature/Earth elemental

Appearance: Body structure says 'Eastern Dragon' but what was furry mane has become leaves and golden flower petals. While scales have become oddly polished wood chips almost like green heather-gems. Interspersed with angry looking crimson thorns popping up at irregular intervals. Though their color matches the curved talons each foot sports. Eyes usually remain rather passive in stance with a light gold color. But when enraged their hues turn crimson with an inner light.

This anger comes from his remembering his old life as a young Eastern dragon, as its not a fluke his body chose that shape to manifest in. He once was a dragon, until he found out the hard way even the most well guarded kingdoms might accidentally let a wolf in sheeps clothing through their gates with open arms. The anger is not purely from his 'death' and 'rebirth' as a nature spirit however. He had -trusted- the female elf that had shown her true colors when he'd been captured. Thus the pain of betrayal and having his own body hijacked from him is another cause of his anger.


Plant manipulation - can control plantlife, making it grow faster than normal or even gain attributes not normally seen such as thorny vines from a flowerbed. Or making grass feel like a bed of nails to those who dare trifle with the entities he's chosen to protect.

Plant communication - this is a bit touch n go for him at the moment. But to an extent he can push his sentience into a singular flower to try to communicate with others in a form they might not be as put off by as his new normal.

 Posted: Jan 19 2017, 12:14 PM
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