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» Noctari, [x] shadowbeast/souleater || female
 Posted: Jan 18 2017, 06:48 AM
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Name: Noctari

Gender: Female

Species: Lesser Shadowbeast - Souleater hybrid


Thanks to her talent for hijacking bodies during the process of feeding off their darker emotions and soul, currently her physical form looks mostly like a winged Eastern dragon. Though with aspects of the Souleater as well, particularly in the sense of the flaming 'mane' down her spine and the ragged look of her wings. That isn't the only thing this mixed up ball of wtf is comprised of however, as shown by the avian-like beaked maw hiding teeth. As well as the tri-tipped tail, with the central tip bearing the Snakekind stinger while the two slightly shorter tail tips bore the flames running down her spine. Clear indication this lesser Shadow doesn't exactly discriminate over what or who it hijacks as food.

Though unlike the original owner of the stinger she can't use venom on a target. Lucky them, even if being shank-stabbed still sucks. The stinger itself also tends to incite fear of pain in others which attracts her focus. The beakish maw however is a holdover from when she managed to get the drop on a gryphon. All in all this Eastern style dragon shape with its quirks is her true form, after a few hundred years of hijacking bodies and taking attributes from their souls. Though her bestial shape is also always marked in stark shades of Red, white and deepest pitch black. The Red and Black even tinting the flames of her mane. Lasting testament to how she'd once been attacked by a Souleater and instead of dying to it; absorbing its essence as a now vital part of her being.


Essence absorption - As indicated by her true form showing various attributes of creatures she's hijacked the bodies of, this particular Lesser Shadowbeast has a rather unique ability. In absorbing and feeding off the life-force and soul of whatever she happened to hijack as a meat-suit she can utilise their essence both as part of her core self. And pass it down to offspring.

Flight - Self explanatory, the hellish creature has wings that my be ragged as hell but still work.

Soul Magic - Generally she has a better grasp on the more harmful side of the soul magic when in 'feral' shape. Anything that might be gentle she can generally only utilize when piloting a Reiatsu user's body.

Speech - Thanks to the number of humanoid entities she's jumped into as well as the number of times she's taken over creatures such as gryphons and various dragons. She can speak clearly unlike most lesser Shadows. Another useful quirk of having piloted the likes of ravens or other birds with a talent for imitation she can sound like a familiar entity to a target and lure them away from safety to get the drop on them.

 Posted: Jan 18 2017, 07:25 AM
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