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» Vilerain, [X] War - Hellwolf || Female
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(Art work done by LionelDeBlanche Designed by @Motoko)

Personality + Voice Die Young (Kesha)

Name Vilerain
Nick Name Vile, Rain, Liv

Gender: Female

Species: War - Hellwolf


(Picture above)

Also to note she stands about 5 and a half feet at her shoulders her tail long and flexible like a cats.

Personal Possessions

Vile has a black collar given to her by a good friend who passed away in a skirmish against a Barghest. Along with a few leather and silver bracelets warn because she likes the look and feel of them.


Strong like most War wolves she can lay a beat down on any who stand in her way, when words fail sharp claws, horns and fangs mixed with her powers will do the trick. She has a natural resistance to acid and her own corruption.

Acid Rain:

Liv can call Acidic Rain from clouds in the area burning all it touches, she is then able to control the deluge at will. In a form a water manipulation but it's more she controls the acid in the water increasing or decreasing its potency with a thought. And she is also able to control other things that have enough acidic content, a simple glass of Orange juice could turn into a cup of vile viscous liquid in a heartbeat.

Corrupted Magma:

From her horns Vile can secrete a molten corrosive magma, not only can it burn like the heart of a volcano but creates corruption in anything it touches. She can spew this from her central horn in a line extending a few feet to attack her enemies or make anything impassable so she can make a quick getaway.

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