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» Taskhtali, [x] myth-kin xeriin || female
 Posted: Dec 23 2016, 12:35 PM
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Full Name:
Taskhtali Ziafat-Varzavandi

Arloste (When in dragon form only), Tali

Myth Xeriin


Immortal, currently around 108 years old

None, no consistent occupation call her somesort of mercenary if you like but it's not a fitting title. (Will become an Ether later on)

Very slender and lean if not a bit thin.

6'5 (Yes she's that tall in human form)

165Can lbs

Skin tone:
Pale, almost unnaturally so.

She has a head of crimsone feathers.

Steel blue in color.

Her usual outfit Image though it sometimes varies betweem color and style, somtimes she wears a completely diffirent outfit depending on the occasion.

Dragon appearance:

Much like her human form, her dragon form is lean, slender, and tall in build as well, standing up to 30ft from her withers, she stands on four legs, unlike most dragons her wings are covered in crimson feathers though are leathery underneat. She also has a feathery mane around her head. (SHort description as I have not actually figured out what she'd look like in dragon form but that's the gist of it mostly)

One of Tali's most important personality traits is that she is cold and jaded, very rarely does death and suffering does not bother her at all this does not mean she's a sadist and enjoys causing unnecesary suffering without proper reason (Such as doing experiments that may yield useful results).
Cunning and calculating, Tali is a manipulator and a schemer, a very good one at that and paired with her ambition and wits that makes her a dangerous foe to deal with while she may be bad with swordfighting and lacking in physical strenght she makes up for it with her cunning, intelligence, and psychic powers.

Gear (Items you usually see her carrying around):
A bow with blades attached, like in this Image Note: This bow is also enchanted, it does not need physical arrow as it will conjure up magical arrows that appear slight transparent with a dim glow when the string is pulled, the arrow disappears no more than 15 seconds after impact.

A simple steel dagger for cutting or at times self defense.

A book and pen, mostly for listing things.

Other menial objects I can't think of currently.

Magic/Special Abilities:
Her greatest strenght lies within her psychic power, she is able to see possibe future events, telepathy, telekinesis, and mind reading, there are limits obviously such she can only read surface thoughts of a another being without resistance, delving into their memories, fears, hopes, dreams is more difficult and something she doesn't usually do unless she needed to, plus her powers have no effect on creatures immune to magic or are far, far more powerful than she is, she also currently lacks to the ability to use more complex abilities such as creating hullucinations, conjuration magic, inducing visions, just to name a few and she has more than enough room to grow and become stronger. (Since she's planned to become an ether, her powers are obviously going to become stronger this is just the default base powers that she has before then)

1/4 alicorn 1/4 anquil unicorn 1/4 demonhorse (deathhorse variety) 1/4 Millirand Racer, Vasyklos is terrorying to behold, a coat of midnight blue with much like night sky itself, a thin oily mane as dark as coal, silver hooves as sharp as a dagger, two jagged red venomous horns behind its ears, and two tusks upon its snout, red eyes, all complimented by its 16 hands size, while it's not as large of a Felnovian warhorse nor is it as swift as an elven horse Vasyklos can easily out perform most regular horses in terms of stamina as it inherited its alicorn grandparent's large lung capacity and heavy muscled chest.

Vasyklos does have disadvantages from its heritage, it also inherited the hidden ridge found below an alicorn's mane that secretes a weak poison which while not deadly it does mean Tali can't ride him barebacked, it's jagged horns while venomous they are not as potent or deadly as a pure anquil unicorn's venom but depending on how much damage Vasyklos did to you using his horns you may or may not die from it still so keep that in mind if you're unfortunate enough to end up having Vasyklos's horns impaled into you and live to tell the tale.

Note: Vasyklos is very rarely used for casual riding by Tali usually she uses him for hunts as his keen sense of smell is very useful, she has another horse to use if she's going into town to buy supplies. He is also no more intelligent than a demonhorse or elven horse, amusingly he's also surprisingly docile unless in the heat of battle or Tali's life being in danger. Warning: DO NOT ride without Tali's explicit permission or you're in for a bad time, same with trying to steal him.

Tober is a white icecat with orange marking and a pair of wings. Tober has the unique ability of being able to talk thanks the small enchanted gem on the collar around his neck, Tober is essentially Taskhtali's bestfriend and knows her more than any other person and Tober is willing to put his life on the line for Tali and he's sure Tali would do the same despite her cold and jaded persona, he's no bigger than a regular housecat but you'd be surprised at what he can do.

Zalam, Azraq,Morado
A trio of wyverns under Taskhtali's care, Tali passes them off as unnaturally large feylizsrds thanks to magical enhancement but that is far from the truth, Taskhtali once stole a mother wyvern's brood out of revenge for something the wyvern did, not wanting to raise a bunch of young dragons Tali decides to experiment around with them from an entire brood of 13 eggs only Zalam, Morado, and Azraq survived only at the cost of their intelligence being lowered to nothing but a feylizard's. Currently they're fairly young, Azraq and Morado are about the size of a large tiger while Zalam is a bit behind on his growth and is only the size of a regular grey wolf. Technically these aren't really pets, more like lobotomized slaves really.

Lux is just a regular elven horse, since Taskhtali can't use Vasyklos all the time due to his appearance she uses Lux for this purpose. Lux is merely palomino in color with no noteable special markings, just a regular old horse really.

A vystrian raven that she was given at 8 years old, the raven has fairly bright blue eyes and moderately bright feathers due to its age. A very great asset for Tali and she has a very close bond with Vhearya, almost as close as her bond with Tober.

Taskhtali currently resides in a manor within the Forest of Ghost within the realm of Xaeri, the manor fairly well hidden within the forest's foliage, the stone walls around it have crumbled and been damaged (Though a lot of it still stands), covered in moss, giving it an abandoned look but the building within is still in decent shape thanks to Tali's care but for the most part the place is avoided due to, well rumors of it being haunted, tales of adventurers going in and never returning and never being heard from again, sightings of a demonic horse, etc. This place also had a lot more than just a single person living in it.

Since I intend for her to make a faction, her manor would most likely become their base of operation.

Planned to make her an ether of Xaeri

Taskhtali is actually a character from another roleplay, this is the only site I've used her on.
She has 4 children in the original roleplay verse I made her on, her husband is the in universe equilvelent of a demon lord on this site.
This took way too long to finish
Vasyklos and Vhearya are also characters from another site, Vasyklos is a horse while Vhearya is a Game of Thrones character from a in browser game by Distruptor Beam.
I made Tober in honor of our family cat also named Tober whom died a rather sad death in the hands of my uncle in law's family whom are very irresponsible when it comes to animals. We also had other cats whom most didn't live very long (due to the family having a lot more children than before hence no time for animal caring.) whom I might make on this site, we had dogs as well but I'm certainly not making them all owned by Tali... Or will I? Will her infinite amount of pets ever end?

I might have forgeten some details but that doesn't matter, I finally finished her.

(Sheet used from http://www.deviantart.com/art/Blank-Character-Bio-293226852 )
 Posted: Dec 30 2016, 11:03 AM
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