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» Raz'azial, [x] dragon || male
Name: Raz'azial (Raz)

Age: Ancient

Gender: Male

Race: Dragon; Runnerdrake

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Green scales adorn his body from head to tail-tip, and his forelegs function just like the arms of a humanoid. Two short horns adorn his head, and a wispy ridge of white fur adorns his lower jaw and brow ridges. His eyes are a dark grey color, and his claws and horns are an ivory shade. He generally wears a specially tailored dark grey robe with a small, gold pendant in the shape of a dragon's head in profile, with a small amethyst inset for the eye. He wears a pair of pince-nez spectacles made specially for him.

Personality: Raz is unshakably loyal to the Dragon Royals, and almost completely unflappable in the face of anything that might come his way. His advanced age and long experience with the dealings with both the royal family of Vystriana and the line of stewards appointed to rule in their stead have left him with both a powerful will and a savvy eye for duplicity and manipulation. He has a particular habit of abruptly appearing when needed, and vanishing just as abruptly after he has concluded his business, although nobody has ever seen him coming or going.

Skills/Abilities: is one of those rare individuals who possesses pure black reiatsu, and its accompanying abilities. Namely, the ability to travel through the Void instead of using portals, and an innate feeling for how large-scale events are impacting the Balance. His mastery over his reiatsu allows him to enter and exit the Void freely and interact just as freely with any souls unfortunate to be stranded there. It is also possible for him to drag people into the Void, and leave them there. The black reiatsu greatly empowers his dark magics, making him all but immune to magical darkness, and allowing him to weave powerful dark spells.
He has an uncanny knack for avoiding danger of any kind, and has emerged from numerous wars (and collapsing cities) without injury. Also, despite his advanced age, he remains strong and fit.

Weaknesses/Flaws: His great affinity for dark magics renders him highly susceptible to light magics, particularly if he is caught unprepared, which is itself no easy task. His advanced age has somewhat weakened his eyesight, and runnerdrake that he is, he lacks the great strength and durability most dragons possess.

History: Raz's history has been one of loyal service to Vystriana's rulers. He was among the first to ever serve Kazule after he was declared the First Royal, and he has served the royal line ever since. As time passed, he was entrusted with more and more, becoming a mix of butler, valet, and chamberlain to the royals, and later the stewards.

During the recent years, as upheaval swept across the Realms, he survived the destruction brought down upon Albronel without injury, including the most recent sacking of the city at the hands of the Faction of Hope. Some time afterward, he appeared in the Crystal Fortress, looking none the worse for wear, ready to continue his duties.
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