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 Alaric, [x] fallen halgian || male
Name: Alaric Shadowhand

Age: 280

Gender: Male

Race: Halgian (Fallen)

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: A tall Fallen with long dark hair showing streaks of steel grey, typically adorned in dark, elegant clothing. Over this, he commonly wears a long, dark coat, and a darksteel ring adorns his right hand. His left arm is missing, with the stump adorned by a dark purple crystal, often concealed within his coat. His aura is a dark amethyst shade. While on patrol, he commonly adorns a darksteel breastplate and gauntlets, while in battle, he wears a full-body suit of ornate darksteel armor.

Personality: Generally calm, cool, and collected, Alaric is generally reasonable with his dealings with others, provided they are cooperative, but a fierce enemy of the Halgians and their allies. While he would just as soon the Halgians leave his kind alone, he won't hesitate to be as ruthless as he feels he needs to be when confronting them. Among his own people, he is generally reserved, but typically warm and friendly, caring greatly for his people, their dragons, and any who might take refuge among the Fallen.

Skills/Abilities: Alaric is a highly skilled warrior, skilled with longsword, spear, and shortsword and dagger fighting styles. He can conjure an arm formed entirely of reiatsu to replace the one he lost, and channel magic through it to a great degree. This arm is capable of functioning like a normal arm, and can shift shape and function at Alaric's will. His aura allows him to take a spell cast by an enemy, infuse it with darkness, and turn it against them. But his greatest ability is the ability to travel between Realms as if he held one of Time's scales, but one he uses sparingly due to the massive amount of energy required.

Using dark magic, he can become wraith-like, gaining the ability to teleport between shadows, and move with supernatural speed and agility. His ring is enchanted to shift into any weapon he wishes, although he prefers a spear, a longsword, or a matching set of shortsword and dagger.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Should he be forced to travel between Realms without traditional portal-making, he will be very drained to the point where his aura will fade to near-nothing, and he will be barely able to stand, let alone cast any spells or fight. Moreover, he would be unable to repeat the process until he's had time to allow his body to recover, which would generally take several weeks.

His affinity to darkness leaves him somewhat vulnerable to light magics, and should he be afflicted by any magic-dampening, his aura arm would likely vanish, or fade to a useless wispy mist. His wraith form is draining to maintain for any length of time.

History: Born in Umbra to one of the great Fallen Noble Families, Alaric was trained from a young age to be a Dragon Knight, and received extensive instruction in both skill at arms and in magic. Upon completion of his training, he became the Rider of a Black named Skaythe, and formed a strong bong with the dragon. For several decades, he and Skaythe took part in numerous skirmishes and raids against the Halgians, growing in both reputation and rank, until one fateful mission.

Ambushed by a large force of Halgians, Alaric and Skaythe were cut off from the rest of the Dragon Knights, and during the fight, Skaythe was killed while Alaric lost his left arm. Although he was rescued, he fell into a deep depression. However, the memory of Skaythe, and knowing the dragon wouldn't want him to despair, drove him to relearn how to fight with only one hand, and focus his aura into a functioning limb to replace the one he lost.

In time, the previous Highlord of the Fallen passed away, and Alaric was chosen to take his place, becoming Kasarial's Rider in the process, and has led the Fallen for a several decades. While he doubts the rift between Fallen and Halgian will ever truly be mended, he holds on to the hope that they might be able to at least forge a lasting peace between them.
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