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 Kasarial, [x] dragon || female
Name: Kasarial Wraithscale

Age: 15,000~

Gender: Female

Race: Evylonian Black

Alignment: Neutral Dark

Appearance: A very large Evylonian Black with dark, obsidian scales. The scales on her joints are long, sharp, and razor-edged, making her dangerous to grapple with. The leading edges of her wings are likewise sharp, capable of causing nasty wounds. Her eyes, much like the inside of her mouth, glow bright red.

Personality: While Kasarial was very capricious in her youth, and often vicious and spiteful towards others, age and her time spent living alongside the Fallen have caused her to mellow out somewhat. Now, while she is still rather mercurial in temperament, she generally saves her vicious behavior for her enemies. She tends to view the Fallen and their allies, both dragon and non, with a sort of possessive protectiveness.

Skills/Abilities: Aside from her poisonous, paralytic bite, ability to spew a nasty acid at her foes, and toxic, barbed tail, the sharp scales on her wing edges and most of her joints are sharp enough to tear through dragon scales, making her especially deadly in a grapple. She is skilled with dark and lightning magics, capable of using both separately or in conjunction, for offensive or defensive purposes.

Her greatest ability is to split herself into up to three wraith-like copies, each of which is fully capable of striking just as hard as her normal, solid form. These wraiths are all but invulnerable to physical damage.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Splitting herself into her wraith forms is very draining, and any damage the wraiths might take are all accumulated, making it very risky against foes capable of damaging her wraith forms. She is somewhat vulnerable to light and earth magics.

History: Hatched long ago, deep in the Lost Light Forest, Kasarial carved out a small territory for herself, from which she frequently raided others for her own amusement. However, all that changed when, one day, she spied a large group of Halgians, struggling to make their way south through the forest. Her curiosity piqued, she demanded to know what they were doing so close to her territory. When she learned they were trying to escape from their Halgian pursers, and why, she decided she would help these refugees, mainly to spite the pursuing Halgians and their draconic allies.

After the pursuers were driven off, the refugee Halgians, who later took to calling themselves the Fallen, founded a city atop the crag Kasarial called home with her permission and blessing, again mainly for her own amusement. But, as time passed, and she learned more about these Fallen, she began to adopt more of their ways of thinking, even going so far as to ally herself and the rest of the Blacks in her territory more closely with the Fallen, herself taking the Highlord of the Fallen as her own Rider.

Since then, she has traditionally taken each Highlord as her Rider, with her most recent being Alaric Shadowhand. While she is skeptical of his desire for lasting peace, feeling that the Halgians and their draconic allies would never agree to it, her bond with the Fallen remains strong.
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