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» Dai'Thalion, [x] kitsune || female
Name: Her real name is Dai'Thalion but she goes by Spriggan.

Gender: Female.

Species: Kitsune -> Foxling

Appearance: Her true form is that of a small fox covered in silky black fur which shines with a blue sheen in the sunlight. She has five fluffy tails and her eyes are bright green, glinting with mischievous intelligence beyond that of any regular fox. She has a lithe build, small paws and the almost disproportionately large head of a young fox, big triangular ears and almond-shaped eyes.

As an illusionist and a trickster, Dai can assume any form she wishes, but her green eyes always remain unchanged.

Abilities: A master of illusion magic, she can deceive all five senses and make others perceive things that are not there. How real her illusions are depends on the victim(s), if they had no reason to doubt the veracity of what they see, her illusions can cause physical damage and even kill. If a reasonable number of intelligent beings were to wholeheartedly believe in them the illusions would become real and Dai would lose control over them.
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