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» Ra'ein, [x] xeriin || male
Name: Ra’ein

Age: 2

Gender: Male

Race: Myth-Kin Xeriin

Alignment: Light

Appearance: Ra’ein is a sweet-faced little boy with eyes the colour of amber, and thin, cat-like pupils. He has a pale complexion, and his wavy, ear-length hair is a pleasant, pale grey. Like his parents, he has a beautiful set of wings; his are adorned with the markings of a snowy owl. Unlike his parents, he also sports a long, fluffy, and mismatching snow leopard tail.

Personality: Ra’ein is a typical two year old. Curious, and only just mastering his basic talking skills, he will get into everything and ask a lot of questions if he can get away with it. He is generally a happy kind of boy, though not without temper tantrums when he is frustrated or tired.

Skills/Abilities: As his mother does not have magic, but his father does, it’s unknown if Ra’ein has any magic of his own. If he does, it has not yet manifested itself. In time, he will be able to use his wings for flight.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Being that it is so long, Ra’ein sometimes finds his tail is a tripping hazard. Athena usually tries to tuck it into his trousers for this reason, much to his dislike. His wings are also currently too small to allow flight, to his mother's relief.

History: Born to Athena, a Sky-Kin Xeriin, and Tyrion, a Myth-Kin Xeriin, Ra’ein lives as normal a life as you might expect a two year old to – except from the fact that he is carefully shielded from the world by his parents. Because he is a Myth-Kin, he is in danger of discrimination and harm from external sources, but thankfully, he is unknowing of this fact and lives without burden.

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