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» Byron, [x] minotaur/centaur || male
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WIP -- No reading allowed

Name: Byron Bloodhoof

Gender: Male

Age: Adult

Species: Centaur/Minotaur hybrid.

Alignment: Neutral Dark

Personality: A brutish, heartless being with a taste for violence, Byron cares about little else than money and the power it entails. While not particularly wise or intelligent, he knows his trade, the art of killing, very well as while untrained in any formal discipline he has learned much from observation and experience, combat experience which he has plenty and against a myriad of races and beasts he has slain in his lifetime, either for survival, money or just for sport.

While minotaurs are typically bound by an intricate code of honor that shapes their entire lives, Byron always felt closer to his centaur bloodline for just like them he was untamable and warlike... Bloodthirsty even, never backing down from a challenge.

Appearance: A bull's head with great curved horns tipped in black and glowing red eyes, a man's torso, muscular and red-skinned, and finally a draft horse's body ending in a lion's tail. His body is covered in many scars from past battles and his gaze is arrogant and challenging, his voice commanding and deep.

Being a nomad, he carried with him few belongings strapped to his horse back, his most precious being an electric runeblade.

Abilities: He has no innate magical abilities. However he wields a magical sword imbued with lightning. This weapon has the ability to parry and reflect energy as one parries another sword. The high voltage of its crackling blue surface makes it so unless the victim is resistant or lucky the blade won't need to strike a vital to kill and it rarely allows its victims to bleed to death as the heat cauterizes wounds leaving the sickening smell of charred flesh which is not at all sickening when you are one of a race that has no qualms about consuming your fallen enemies be they sentient or not.

Weaknesses: No magic, low-literacy, average to low intelligence, brash decision-making.
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