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 Mielikki, [x] evylonian deer || female
Name: Mielikki

Age: 135

Gender: Female

Race: Evylonian Deer

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Mielikki's most striking features are her antlers. While they are about as long as a buck's might be, hers are slender and deceptively delicate looking, and look like they are made of pure, polished gold. Her body is lithe and graceful, her hide covered in a soft brown fur covered in paler stripes formed in intricate designs upon her chest, throat, face, back, and rump. Her underside is likewise covered in pale fur. Her eyes are a deep, dark brown, and her nose is a shiny black color, as are her hooves.

Personality: Mielikki is a somewhat shy, reclusive creature, prone to wandering on her own through the wilds of the Realms. However, she is generally warm and caring towards others, provided they aren’t aggressive or exceptionally rude. These she is highly likely to simply leave where she found them, and disappear into the wilderness.

Skills/Abilities: Her ability to influence nature to aid her is considerably more powerful than normal due to her being a God Ward of Balion, allowing her to come and go at will through most areas of wilderness without worry. She is likewise very fast and agile, with keen senses further enhanced by her connection to nature.

However, her greatest power is her healing abilities. There are very few things she can’t cure, and these are typically god-inflicted curses wrought by one of the Greater Gods. Even scars from hellfire can be removed via her magic. Corrupted land or water can be cleansed by her mere presence, and plants tend to grow around her hooves as she wanders.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Her healing abilities come with a heavy price. Removing a curse, or undoing an old injury, is typically a painful experience for both her and whoever she is healing. And the more powerful the healing required, the more draining it is on her. Should she try to do too much too quickly, she risks overexerting herself to the point where she could inadvertently kill herself.

Also, she is a deer, and despite her power, she is vulnerable to injury if attacked before she can flee. Also, at times, her curiosity can get the better of her, leading her closer to some more settled places than she has any right to be.

History: Mielikki was a vibrant, energetic fawn with a deep regard and love for the natural world. This aspect of her character was noticed by Balion, who eventually decided to make her his Ward once she passed adolescence. Since then, she has been wandering through the wild places of the Realms, always on the move since she is seen as a worthy prize by hunters who don’t know her true nature.

However, there are some few who have heard about her ability to remove curses and reverse old injuries, and have sought her out. While not all have found her, enough have to spread word of what she can do.
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