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 Apophis, [x] snakekind || male
Name: Apophis

Age: 1,200 years.

Gender: Male

Race: Riven Snakekind

Alignment: Dark

Appearance: Apophis' true form is that of a massive, cobra-like serpent larger than many dragons. His scales are a deep, obsidian black color, and the edges of his hood extend into sharp spikes. His great, slit-pupiled eyes are a gleaming silver shade. Seared into his hide are numerous, silver runes forming intricate patterns. Six long, sharp fangs are concealed within his jaws.

His humanoid form is that of a tall, lithe man with pale skin. His eyes look much the same as his snake eyes, and he retains a smaller set of fangs. He typically wears loose, dark clothing.

Personality: Cynical and jaded, Apophis is sadistic and mercurial, prone to switching from mockery to barely-restrained fury with no warning. But be that as it may, he is almost always on full control of himself. He has a rather dark sense of humor, and enjoys keeping people on edge if at all possible, and toying with those he is hunting. He respects very few beings, one of them being Linath, who he once disdained, but now serves with utter loyalty.

Skills/Abilities: Like all Riven, his venom is dual-natured, attacking both body and mind. This venom can be delivered via his fangs, or sprayed from his fangs. His scales are hard as diamonds, and nearly impervious to physical assault. His great size grants him great strength, and those he cannot simply crush beneath his mass can be strangled within his coils. He can also move and strike with extreme speed.

He is a God Ward of Linath, and an agent of Hell's King, gifted with great power. His necromantic abilities have been refocused, allowing him to summon Hell's undead servants to his side if need be. The runes seared into his scales grant him extra protections against magic, including any mental assaults or attempts to gain control over his actions. He has also been rendered immortal, regenerating from even the worst injuries. His control over dark elemental magic is immense.

The greatest ability he has been granted is the ability to summon and control pure Hellfire.

Weaknesses/Flaws: The runes seared into his scales still burn, leaving him in constant pain from which there is no relief. Likewise, no matter where he goes, he will feel the hot winds and scorched earth of Hell. He cannot leave Hell unless he be bidden to by Linath or Hell's King, and must return when commanded. Light magic is very painful to him, even if he isn't the target.

History: Apophis was once a necromancer of great power, capable of conjuring souls of the dead across the veil, and restoring them to life under his will, defying Linath's authority over the dead without worry or care. However, when faced with her wrath, he pleaded to be spared, swearing upon his soul to do anything to keep from being sentenced to the Hell, condemned to fade into nothing in that cursed Realm.

Linath accepted, but imposed a harsh sentence upon him, searing runes into his scales with pure Hellfire, and turning him into one of her agents. Among his assigned duties were hunting down other necromancers who have incurred Linath's wrath, or on occasion, Reapers who have done the same.
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