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» Praetorian, [x] golem || male
Name: Praetorian

Age: 2 (The spirit inside his soulgem is much older.)

Gender: Male

Race: Golem

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: A large, metal golem crafted in the shape of a western dragon. The metal plates forming his outer shell is forged of a gold-tinted metal harder than steel. The crystalline orbs of his eyes are a vibrant purple shade, as are his metallic claws, and horns. His wings are made of a light but sturdy metal panels that allow him to fully extend or retract his wings. Five horns adorn his head, and a ridge of horns run down the length of his back. His long tail ends in a mace-like construction. The coat of arms of of Vystriana adorns his armored chest.

Personality: Due to his recent creation, and the fact that he doesn't remember much of his past life, he knows little beyond what he was designed for. The defense of Vystriana, the Royal Family, and Felnova. Beyond, he has no real knowledge or understanding of the Realms. As a result, he is highly inquisitive, both about himself, and about the Realms. When in battle, he is utterly ruthless, acting against perceived threats without hesitation or mercy.

Skills/Abilities: First and foremost, his metal body grants him enormous resilience. Even if his metal shell were pierced, there is little beneath aside from more metal. His soulgem is located deep within his body, wrapped in layers of hard metal. Furthermore, poisons are useless against him, and he feels no pain. He also possesses great physical strength, capable of moving his heavy body with great force. A single blow can shatter most stone constructions.

Runes inscribed on his feet allow him to draw reiatsu into his body from the very ground. This reiatsu can be used in one of three ways, with only a single one active at a time. First, he can focus it into his wings to enable himself to fly for short periods of time. Second, he can greatly amplify his senses. Third, he can expel blasts of pure reiatsu from his mouth like a dragon breathing fire. He can unleash extremely devastating blasts in this manner, if given the time to gather enough energy.

Weaknesses/Flaws: He is rather slow moving. While he can smash nearly anything he can hit, more agile foes might dodge around and avoid his attacks. His heavy body can likewise cause structural damage if he were to come into contact with most structures. Were he to land in water, he'd sink like a stone. Any damage done to his metal body would need to be repaired by a metal-smith, as he has no regenerative abilities himself.

The energy reserves he can conjure into his body can take time to be regenerated if heavily used. This is especially true for his reiatsu blasts. While he could gather enough energy to devastate a city, he would have little to none left to even function after unleashing it. It could take him days at the very least to return to normal functioning in the wake of a particularly powerful blast. Said blasts can also be quite hazardous to anyone close by when unleashed.

History: Praetorian was intended to be a gift to Queen Verridith from a group of gnomes living in an underground dwelling in the Exodus Desert. The soulgem giving him life contains the spirit of a fallen knight who, with his dying breath, bemoaned being unable to serve his queen anymore. The gnomes, who had done their best to care for the dying dragon, took this as license to take his soul and implant in a new body.

However, before he was fully completed, enemies of the Vystrian Crown attacked before his mind was fully formed. In the ensuing battle, the facility where he was created was destroyed, and he was left along, abandoned and forgotten in the desert for a couple of years before coming to with no clear idea on how to fulfill his purpose.
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