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» Oramodra, [x] kraken || female
Name: Oramodra

Age: Ancient

Gender: Female

Race: Kraken: Akkorokamui

Alignment: Neutral Dark

Appearance: A massive kraken, covered in a hard, abrasive carapace of a similar color to Kurai's blood-tinted oceans. This hard carapace has numerous sharp spines and ridges all over it, and ten massive tentacles extend from the front of her body, considerably longer than most dragons' entire bodies. Her body is long and somewhat cylindrical, with a broad fin on the end. Two enormous eyes stare from her head, and a massive, beaked mouth is hidden by her mighty arms.

Personality: Enigmatic and aloof, Oramodra's motivations are a mystery to any who don't know her. She aggressively defends her territory with extreme ferocity, even going so far as to hurl great rocks at any airships or any creatures flying overhead that are beyond the reach of her great arms. Few have ever seen her in her full glory and lived to tell the tale, but there are rumors that she's had personal dealings with past Lords, though nothing is known for certain. She is fiercely protective of her offspring.

Skills/Abilities: Aside from her extreme size and enormous strength, she is a very powerful swimmer. The sharp ridges and spikes adorning her body are capable of shredding through the hides of most creatures not small enough to slip past them. She is large enough to snap sailing ships in half like kindling, and her arms are long enough to seize any airships not flying high enough above the seas. Her great size grants her great resilience to most attacks. She possesses some power of water manipulation, but while she has plenty of brute power, she lacks any sort of finesse in it, and often won't use it.

Weaknesses/Flaws: She is entirely water-bound, and needs deep water to swim in, thus rendering her unable to enter more shallow bodies of water. Her great size demands she eat vast meals to maintain her energy. She is more susceptible to lightning magics than any other, and although it would take a seriously powerful mage to inflict anything like a lethal injury upon her, she can be stunned or disoriented by a skilled spellcaster.

History: Not much is known of this massive denizen of Kurai's oceans, other than she's been the bane of ships passing over the deep oceans for thousands of years. She is rumored to have been involved with the mistaken report that there was a chain of islands on Kurai around where Yorije is on Felnova. However, what is known for certain is she's never sided with any Lord against another, or ever had much to do with the surface world.
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