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 Jezibaba, [x] human/ogre/elemental || female
Name: Jezibaba

Age: Ancient

Gender: Female

Race: Human/Ogre/Elemental

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Jezibaba looks like a hunched old woman with almost spindle limbs, only inhumanly large. Her hair is long and unkempt, her fingers end in long nails, and a few of her teeth have been replaced by iron ones. Her eyes are dark red and piercing, and she tends to adorn herself in age-worn garments. Thick boots adorn her feet. When traveling, she tends ride a large, enchanted mortar bowl which flies through the air, spurred on by the large pestle Jezibaba carries with her. The mortar bowl can also walk on the ground if thus commanded.

Personality: Mysterious and enigmatic, Jezibaba tends to keep to keep her opinions and motivations to herself, and generally answers questions pertaining to herself or her actions with cryptic statements, or implied threats if she's in a foul mood. She despises haughty or self-important behavior or attitudes, and is quick to hex any such who might invoke her wrath. However, her word, once given, is as solid as the iron of her false teeth, although she may only follow exactly what she promised. That being said, a clever, respectful person may work out a beneficial deal with her, as she loves to strike bargains.

Skills/Abilities: Despite appearing to be a hunched old woman, albeit one of ogrish proportions, Jezibaba is phenomenally strong, capable of tearing apart most similarly-sized creatures with her bare hands, and far quicker than her great size and appearance would suggest. She tends to wield her pestle as a massive club if engaging in a physical fight, and is v=capable of causing massive damage to structures with it.

She is a highly adept sorceress, capable of conjuring up a large variety of nasty hexes, brewing a sizable number of potions and similar elixirs, and crafting many runes. She is likewise a spirit walker of no small skill. Her reiatsu allows her to infuse mundane items with power and a semblance of life to serve at her beck and call, including the mortar bowl she uses as unorthodox transportation, and the hut she dwells in.

Said hut stands upon a solid wooden platform, affixed atop a pair of roc legs, taken from one that tried to kill her while she was harvesting some rare herbs. These magically preserved and infused limbs allow her hut to walk about under its own power, and defend itself if set upon by any who would attempt to either damage it, or gain entry unbidden.

The air elemental fused to her being grants her enormously potent wind powers, and when she flies upon her mortar bowl, she is often accompanied by a rather violent wind.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Her mercurial nature and short temper can make it hard for her to get along with others, and her appearance makes it hard for her to really be made welcome in larger settlements. While she is powerful enough to not care overly much, her often abrasive demeanor has lead to her making enemies out of people of importance who she's hexed in the past.

Much of her magical prowess comes from the potions she brews, forcing her to maintain a ready stock lest she be weakened. The rarity of several key ingredients used in these potions requires her to frequently wander through remote locales in order to find them. She wears a potent talisman in the form of a crystal pendant which enables her to channel great power safely, at the cost of abiding by a specific code of behavior towards children, and those favored by the gods. Anyone who manages to get their hands on this talisman will gain a highly advantageous bargaining position over her.

History: All anybody knows about Jezibaba is she's been around for a long time. Even the oldest accounts of her appearance describe her as elderly-looking. She has wandered across the Realms, largely keeping to herself, and leaving mixed tales in her wake concerning those who have crossed her path. To some, she's been a great help, while to others she has brought misfortune. But to all, her motivations remain a mystery. Now, after centuries of absence, she has been spotted again in some of the more remote parts of the Realms.
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