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 Coryinthia, [x] direwolf || female
(Thia - Cory)
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Species: Vystrian Direwolf
Gender: Female
Age: 27

Natural Abilities/ Powers


She was born with dual elements, Dark from her mother and Fire from her father, both were prominent when she was just a pup. Utilizing both she terrorized her siblings with games of hide and seek, scorching them from behind when they didn't find here in time enough and 'Jumping' before they turned around. As Thia grew she began to favor her mothers Dark element training hard , striving at perfection. Later on when romping with her siblings, she was unable to get the best of them with just her shadows and trickery, in a moment of panic she opened her maw to bark/growl, hopping to unsettle them. Instead a fiery torrent escaped her muzzle broadsiding her sibling Kessa. From that moment on Cory did not snuff her fathers Fire instead she began to utilize it more in her training, combining Dark with fire like she used to as a pup. Thia's abilities are far from being perfected never the less she continues to hone them into a formidable combination.


Shadow Jumping
(Her Powers are similar to those described in Dragon Heart 3 at Click here to see how her shadow Jumping looks, the dragon is the one that is doing it the best)

Thia is able to jump from shadow to shadow no matter the distance, as long as she has a clear line of sight. If she does not have a clearly distinguished exit to pop out of she is unable to use this power. She can take others with her as longs as they stay in constant contact with her, anything touching her when she goes through her shadowy gateways will go with here. Within reason that is, if she brushes against a tree as she goes the tree will not follow her. Same for other heavy objects; the thing or being she is taking with her must be something that she can lift or that can move of their own accord.

Her jump would look like a disappearing act rather then a classic jump. Disappearing from one area to reappear in another, like teleportation but only use-able with the help of a shadow. This shadow can be cast from anything, even her own shadow. Though travel through her own shadow can be tricky, as she would have to fall into her shadow. And for anyone touching her they would have to fall with her or be left where they stand. She finds carrying what she wants to take with her on her back or in her mouth easier then the companion trying to make a fall with her. As this way could work, or the passenger would find their face unexpectedly kissing dirt.

Note: Depending on the distance she could complete multiple short jumps without wasting much energy or a few long jumps, these longer distant one's would require quite a deal more energy.

Shadow Step
(Best look that i could find on how Thia would look whilst in the shadows, again comes from Dragon Heart 3 Click here for photo And the best clip i could find for her wreathed in shadows Click Me)

Thia can slip into a showed realm of her creation, still visible and tangible but altered slightly. Her skin, fur and tissues appearing as a dark incorporeal fog, wispy as if she were shrouded in ghost fire. Her veins, muscles, organs and bones slightly more opaque, but still none the less spectral in their own way. Here eyes take on a sinister look, dark fogy with a central red hazy orb.

Physical attacks deal less damage while magical or reiatsu attacks deal more. In this 'step' form she can partially phase through objects depending on their density and thickness. Her voice gains an undertone of hollow echo's those you would imagine from the dark labyrinth recesses a hair raising whisper from no where yet everywhere at once.

In cory's step form she does not leave paw prints, nor a trace of her passing on the physical realm. As most foliage and trees she can phase through. She calls this form of step as Phase Step, this she does mostly without thinking although this version of her step takes more energy the weaker she is.


Cory can breath fire and has slight manipulation over it, perfect canine to have at a camp fire with you. She has a slight resistance to flame as well, non-too special as to say she could stand in the lick of flames err-long but she can walk quickly through them unharmed.

Core of Fire

Cory can adjust her internal at will rendering her able to live in the most volatile climates. To the coldest winter-lands to the hottest parts of the realms, cory is at home wherever she may wonder. And she makes the best sleeping buddy.... just saying *Who's a fluffy girl? Yes you are!*


Where fire and shadow fail her, cory is proficient in the art of feral combat. Sharp claws and teeth are wonderful for slashing, ripping, tearing and puncturing her victims into submission that combined with her sheer size she can over come most any obstacle in her way. And armed with a set of hard ram horns she can get in a head butting match up there with the best of them. And when all else fails? Body slamming is always an option ^.^


Loving, care free, easy going, slow to anger yet quick to talk back. Loves to explore and has a nack for finding valuable she can trade or sell. She calls it her sixth sense her family calls it dumb luck and stubbornness to quit while she's ahead or at least still has one.

Niece - Viera ~Direwolf
Cousin - Karkaras ~ Direwolf
Mother - Vylania ~ Direwolf
Father - Coramarand ~ Direwolf
Brother's - Brigand - Baluarie ~ Direwolf
Sister's - Kessa - Millie ~ Direwolf
(Non of them are made if you want to play their part PM me with your request's)


Her long curly velvety fur, markings and coloration are based on a Maned Wolf, her coloration is a mix between a maned wolf and a Red Wolf. So her mane is a deep Onyx Black along with the 'stockings' on her legs(the black marks on the maned wolfs legs). The tips of her tails instead of black are a milky white, they are also fairly long almost sweeping the ground as she walks. The rest of her coat carries tones of red, auburn, chestnut and luscious caramel. Her eyes a calm blue, and her nose pink with black spots, along with her tongue, lips, joules, and pads of her feet. Nails are long and sharp, ivory and opaque, horns are a light bone brown and she's a few white and black markings on her chest and face.

She is rather large standing five feet at her shoulder and covered in long curly fluffy silken fur, don't let her fluffy soft exterior fool you beneath all that fluffy cuddliness she is all muscle, build like a tank she is well suited for both up front confrontation and for her more stealthy normal approach as she is quite capable in the subterfuge department. Large padded paws see to swift quiet movement and if that is not enough her shadow step and jump pick up her slack. All in all she is a over large canine with a heart of gold and the brawn and brain to protect those around her she cares for.

(this is just a base of her colors so you can get a gist of what she looks like)
user posted image


Note: picture using the template from Balistraid-Balu

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Character Information Approved!

Please post your character's name and URL in the Pages and Names topic. Thank you, and have fun with your new character!

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