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» Sakura, [x] demon || female
Name: Sakura

Age: 1,207

Gender: Female

Race: Demon (N'vaen, War Kingdom)

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Somewhat on the short side, Sakura is lithe of build and graceful of movement. She wears her long white hair back in a braid, and her clothing combines elegance with economy of movement. Her eyes are mismatched, one a piercing blue, the other a steel grey. During times of war, she will don light armor.

Personality: Sakura is highly devoted to the arts of war, practicing with weapons for hours on end, and studying literature that might grant her a better understanding of war. Towards others, she is generally polite, if a bit reserved, but won't hesitate to strike at those who have offended her. In battle, she is ruthless and implacable when faced with War's foes. She is very loyal to War Kingdom, even if she doesn't always agree with War's Lord.

Skills/Abilities: Like all her kind, she is strong and fast, well beyond most other races, and she has mastered many weapons. She possesses an enchanted ring that conjured whatever weapon she might think of, and whatever weapon or weapons she's conjured can shift into something else at her whim, allowing her to switch from one fighting style to another without missing a beat.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Like all War demons, she must drink blood every so often. Aside from her enchanted ring, she has no real magic. Her reiatsu is mostly focused inwards, allowing her to go for longer periods without rest than most of her kind. She is socially inept outside of passing greetings and general pleasantries.

History: Sakura has served War all her life, only setting foot off Kurai during Chamenos' failed war, constantly seeking to improve herself. During said war, she took the opportunity to seek as much new knowledge of weapons and military tactics as she could. After Chamenos was slain, she served Z'laenna during the new Lord's short reign, and now waits for whoever will next be War's Lord, privately hoping whoever it is will remove the stain on the Kingdom's honor she feels Chamenos brought about.
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